Useful Tips to Pass Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Tips to Pass road test in Dubai

Tips to road test

Tips to pass driving test in United Arab Emirates are significant because passing the final road test in Dubai or any other emirate of UAE is not an easy task to be performed. Having Driving license in UAE is very important in many aspects but taking driving license here is not easy at all. You have to go through lot of money expenditure, lot of mental stress and huge amount of time to get one. I have received many emails regarding the tips that work for passing driving test. Lucky people get their license on their first attempt while the un lucky people are not getting it even more than dozen attempts. I also met with a guy from India, who took his driving license on seventeenth attempt. I was surprisingly shocked and could imagine his pain from which he passed through out his driving license journey and at the same time I was experiencing his happiness when finally got it.

Some people say that RTA examiners are failing people purposely to increase their revenue but I am totally against this theory. This is absolutely wrong and unrealistic. RTA examiners are well trained and professional and they have hawk eye’s observation and response towards your mistakes on the road. Some people say that it depends on their mood as well , if they are happy on the day, they will pass you and if their mood is not good, no matter how good you drove , they will fail you. This is another unrealistic rumor and I am again turning it down. As I said they are professional in their duties so their mood cannot affect their results. The reality is, when they realize that you can drive, they pass you.  Beside from checking your road drive, they observe your confidence level, you body language and your approaches towards different perceptions. All these make them able to decide about your driving license success or failure.

Below you will find some Basic tips, which will help you out on your final road test.

  • Be in proper dress on your final road test. Always give a good and professional impression to the examiner.
  • Don’t ask questions from the examiner, when you are on your final test, just follow his directions and concentrate on your driving.
  • Adjust your seat, mirrors and fasten your seat belt, before moving the car.
  • Don’t forget to direct others people sitting in the rear seat, to fasten their seat belt.
  • Don’t forget Blind spot check while entering the road or at any other point when it is necessary.
  • Keep checking the center mirror, side mirrors regularly.
  • While changing lane always check, center mirror then side mirror and a blind spot check and indicator.
  • Always follow the two seconds rule for maintaining safe distance.
  • Learn all the rules of roundabout and u turns.

There were the few basic rules, which are important and everyone must know while going on their final road test. Beside from all these if your confidence level is low you will not the final test. Due to lack on confidence you will make mistakes resulting in the failure of your test. If you want detailed and the most accurate tips with almost hundred percent success rate then there is a small guide available which will help you in passing your test on your first attempt or if you have already failed it then you can easily pass by following the instructions in that guide. It will also give you the required confidence, and you will perform like a pro in your driving license final road test. If you are interested then you may visit or download that guide from Here

Thanking you and wishing you success in your journey.


86 thoughts on “Useful Tips to Pass Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

    1. admin Post author

      Bro, Be strong, keep your confidence level up at test time, concentrate on basics of each step. follow my posts of useful tips to pass driving test and common mistakes people make at driving test.These post will help you a lot. Thanks

    2. Haz

      Hi All
      I just finished the final road test of RTA, the examiner was very nice person. He only focus on applying safe driving roles and the basic traffic roles. All of the 3 students In the car passed already. The examiner never stop at minor mistakes.
      The only thing is to be confident of yourself.
      Good luck for all

  1. saji

    Am fail in my first road test in dubai today morning..examiner want the right line focus only rear view mirror and blind spot check..but another a dewa vehicle just front of my right side and the vehicle try to line change beside of that vehicle closely…examiner suddenly cntrled steering…and my first attempt fail…..

  2. Vishu

    Hello Friends,
    I appeared for my driving test today at Belhasa Driving School- AL Wasl and pleased to share that I passed on my very first attempt.
    First, I would like to thank everybody who contributed their experience and feedback on this forum which really helped me nail this test. I would recommend everybody to follow these tips shared which are crucial to pass this test.
    My feedback after passing the test is that – keep your confidence level high, don’t get nervous. Drive like how you would have driven if this was not a test. It’s all mind game. Don’t hurry up – take time to settle down on the seat before proceeding. Don’t believe in the stories that examiners fail you on purpose or they have to meet targets. They only want safe drivers on the road.
    During my test I saw that examiners see how much control you have on the vehicle and how safe you drive – smooth acceleration – gentle braking. I saw one student failed to do shoulder check on one occasion and 90 degree parking was not good, yet he passed – because he was confident and driving with a positive attitude.
    Your driving will improve over time when you will drive in your own car – examiners don’t want you to be perfect now. But they will see your approach when you are new. If your basics are wrong you will definitely fail – no matter how many test you take.
    Tips – reason your driving instructors why one should follow a particular procedure – like 4 point check in lane change – maintaining correct lanes in roundabout. The day you know the why this procedure are followed you will know the basics. Do not blindly follow anything.
    My Success tips
    1) Follow the road or lane you are driving unless asked to change by the examiner. Do not ask about things which are obvious.
    2) Keep checking center and side mirrors every 5 seconds. Check center mirror during braking.
    3) Maintain the speed limit. Especially when you exit from the highway and enter into an internal roads. Examiners check this.
    4) Follow all the tips already given in the forum.
    Best wishes for everybody appearing for tests. Keep yourself calm – focus on basics – you will Pass !!


    1. unknown

      Dear sir im studen in driving school recently come in Dubai and opend file from a school I’m driver with study and 15 years experience I disagree with all of your talking about driving licence
      I take lectures classes passed parking test assessment I passed in tow try,s in first try I was expecting pass but unfortunately they failed me in second try I was expecting fail but they pass me
      In finel try I don’t do any mistake but tahy failed me mean while even now I spends 9000AED
      But disappointed now looking for give and take there is no way with out that

    2. Afra

      Hello sir, today I failed my 2nd try in Alain road test. I had faults, because I get too anxious by the examiner’s talks, as they speak Arabic and I can’t. I get nervous. I had mistakes of lanes,roundabout and mirror checking. These I did not have in first try. And also about controlling the car. I did not do hrs breaks. I find your tips and everyone’s comments so helpful but what should I do about the nervousness

  3. Sunder

    I totally agree about the admin review. I took my 2nd road test today and I passed(I didn’t had any license before and I started to learn driving in Dubai only). I did lots of mistakes in my first test as I was really very nervous. I thought not to repeat the mistakes and stick to the rules of the road. I was the first one to take the car out and did a lots of right turns and left turns and did a 90 deg parking at the end. The second guy ( 6th time) also passed and he drove about like 10-15 min in heavy traffic and school area. The third guy wasn’t so lucky he failed as he changed lane without the examiners consent and was very slow at a U turn.
    Basic Rules:
    1) Before applying brake check centre mirror always.
    2) As soon as examiner says take right, check centre mirror first and then give signal.
    3) Do not cross the speed limit. School and residential areas 40km/hr, Roads ( 60 to 80km/hr).
    4) Do 5 step check for lane changing.
    5) Be comfortable in the seat and do the pre drive check before starting.
    6) Try to get a driving class on the day or a day before the test, this will boost confidence in you.

    Examiners are very professional and some even point out the mistakes you did. Try to be cool and calm and always remember its very very easy to get a license.


    1. admin Post author

      Very Useful info. Really thankful for contributing your experience with us and congrats on passing your test. Passing driving test. Take great care on the road and enjoy.

  4. Nadya

    Hi every one… I got my driving lic in second attempt… I had joined belhasa al wasl branch… It took me two months or i would rathrr say two sleepless months… With all those horor stories i was really scared… But then seriously its nothing .. I had nevr druven before in my hoem country.. U just hav to stay focus / alert and calm and not over confident… And yes take classes before the test …like in my case my test was right aftr my class it really helped me..

  5. mira

    for me it has been a long journey,i attempted 6 times and every time i tried to do better, for first 5 attempts i know i did mistakes which i do agree but on 6th attempt i wasnt lacking anything at my side i think.
    Trust me i did round about good and has correct signaling and side check while exiting the roundabout. one more thing the examiner also wrote ”did not follow examiner’s instructions, cmon i did whatever he said. and there was also one comment that did not let pedistrians cross which is totally wrong. and for right turn i finished all in correct lane,trust me, THERE are other mistakes that he mentioned they may be true and i am looking forward to correct them as well.
    Nothing is precious than a life this is the thought that motivates me to try again .
    A friend of mine told me to not to take any class for a month and then after a month i should take my test after 8 classes, do you think it is good idea.moreover what i am observing now with my instructor is that i am too much dependent on him i mean he doesnt let me do mistakes or take chances however he is a bold instructor.
    btw i am a lady. i used to be very hesitant until my 5th RTA test, after 5th test i worked hard and i dont have any hesitation in moving off or turning or elsewhere. I am no more nervous on the roads it is like i am very comfortable behind the wheels now.
    I want to write my RTA test score sheet of 6th try here. please i need your tips to improve and that should i keep 2 weeks gap and then go for a test. and do you think changing instructor is a good idea.

    1. admin Post author

      First of all thanks for writing such detailed comment. As you said you did not make any mistake in your last test attempt but still marked as a failed so I agree with you up to such extent. It happens sometime. But positive thing is that you are now so much confident and your confidence level came after your last attempt. I am sure you will get it on your next attempt.
      As far as a gap is concern, I will not recommend to give such long gap, upto a week gap is ok but do not extend it more.
      For your 2nd question i will say keep the same instructor as you are comfortable with him and he also knows your driving approach, But just tell him to work on your mistakes.
      I am sure you will get it on the next attempt and will appreciate if you share your story of next attempt.
      Wishing you success.

    2. Vaidyanath

      U r right. I passed my test on 3rd attempt. Simple mantra is confidence,confidence and confidence.

      Be there at the test venue 1 hour before and keep calm

      Most important skill required is Perfection in parking ouout and parking In. Most students fail in these two… This is the first impression u give to the inspector.

      In section mood, money making is all trash

  6. Naseeb.P.K

    Dear Friends ,

    My third attempt got driving license in UAE . On my 1st test result was 24 mistakes with 18 minor & 6 immediate fail . I was shocked me on that time , also I wondered that I drove only 10 minutes and made these mush mistakes . On my second test result was quiet rewarding just 6 minor & 1 immediate fail & my third test result was I really amazed that I don’t have even a single minor mistakes and unforgettable day ie on 03.May.2015.

    1. admin Post author

      Congrats on getting the license. and yes it is always an unforgettable day when you take your UAE License. It is not an easy task. Enjoy your driving but always take great care on road. Thanks for posting your comment.

  7. hina

    It was my first road test today and I failed due to imidiate fail i was going to enter the lane and i did head check but i forget to check the centre miror and the car came so the examiner holded my steering and i knew that i am fail then i drove for more ten minutes but it was a waste of time as she touched my steering i knew then and there i failed. But a lady passed as it was her fifth attempt…..

    1. admin Post author

      Better luck next time. Whenever the examiner interference come in the road test, it means you failed the test. I will suggest to keep each and every point in your mind for each step. always think about the possible mistakes and try to handle them. Hope you will pass it on next attempt. Wishing you good luck

  8. Adnan

    It all depends on your examiner, trust me guys, i failed 6th time today. I drove for 10 mints without any mistake and the examiner gave me 20 mistakes including “Not fasting seat belt” haha, lol! belt was the second thing i had fasten after adjusting the seat. I already spent more than 10k, i am stuck, i can’t proceed, i can’t quit. Even my instructor was shocked and he keep asking me that why they are keep failing you? you deserve a license. I seriously don’t understand what’s wrong with them.

    1. admin Post author

      I am also shocked by “Not fastening seat belt” mistake. Can just wish you good luck in your next try. Do not give up.

  9. Mohamed

    I’m a resident of sharjah now/i was planning to get my driving license here. I’m having an Indian driving license which i took more than 5years back.will it be helpful to skip some classes for in any other ways??

  10. Dania

    Hi I gave my rta test 6 times and each time immediat fail increases . Onlast attempt yesterday 7 immediat fail. I ‘m stuck leave it or keep trying? Examiners are arrogant hauty and have zero patience and kindness inthem. Very partiall with arabs ,each time ihad test if there is an arab she is passed. Change 4 instructor, spend 9000aed but nothing works, tried to download your book “secret tips for passing rta test” but neither app nor pdf is downloading. Examiner mentioned on my score sheet “not listening to examiner” “very hard braking” . Totally baseless and false. They really had mood problem. Please help someone! They’re causing so much waste of money and time !

    1. unknown

      look at ur rates. when everytime i get fail in road test i have to pay for 8 classes and test fee again.this was my 3rd time i am if ur not making revenue then wat is this v. rta is so expensive .. wat is the logic behind this. ok fine we understood ur strict because u want good drivers on road then getting only lisence 10000 drhms wat is this … the actual agenda is to earn money by ding strictness.. if ur not earning money then with such strictness where is relief…in other gulf countries its much less costtly and easy..

  11. AMIT

    dear admin,

    i am beginner student and i passed my theory test in 1st attempt. but i am not taken my passing certificate can company provide me now ?
    also, i am getting AREA 1(a) lecture 14-15 july. almost after 1.5 month gap. still iam not getting AREA 2 lecture, company said still not open.
    could you suggest how many month required me for complete all course . and i paid AED 2705 now how much i will pay in future until getting licences.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes , you can take your result at any time if you have passed it. The test result is valid for two years (if i am not wrong). Upto your first road test, you can expect the total expense approx 4500 AED (Also included the license fee after passing the test and Highway classes). Good luck

  12. ranjit thakur

    Dear admin

    Today i passed theory 1attempt.I want to also pass 1attempt road test. me be 21june my road test so plz give me any adia too pass.

  13. Tathagata Sarkar

    Hello Everyone,

    I am very happy to let all of you know that I cleared by Road Test on a First Attempt…. I am really thankful to the tips mentioned in the quide. these tips helped me too much.I just followed all the instructions mentioned in the guide and concentrated on my driving. I am sharing my experience with you all.
    Guys please please don’t listen to anyone, there are rumors that RTA doesn’t pass people on their first attempt….this is absolutely incorrect,
    The RTA Examiners will never fail you without reason, the reasons are valid ones…to clear the Road Test you just need strong nerves…its not a difficult one but you should be very focused and attentive while driving…
    In our car there were two other guys, one from Pakistan (driving in his country for 10 years) & one Egyptian guy (he used to drive in his country but his license is expired), both of them failed except me, guys let me tell you both them failed due to nervousness nothing else.
    Few things you should always keep in mind and follow below points, these are:
    1. Don’t drive too slow or too fast, I mean always check the speed limit of the road and try to drive close to that range, like if the road limit is 80, please don’t drive below 70, or never drive above 80.
    2. You MUST MUST do the checks properly while changing lane, and shoulder check is the IMPORTANT one.
    3. Never reduce the speed of the car while changing lane, they will fail you.
    4. Every 5 second check the rare mirror & side mirrors (both), even there is no vehicle close to your car but you must do it just to show that you know the rules of safe driving, and while doing the above exercise your head must move accordingly, just not your eyes.
    5. While braking please use to smoothly and avoid sudden brakes except emergency situations.

    Rest I think you all know how to drive, just be cool and calm, believe me the examiner will study your body language as well, again I am repeating the same thing, its a nerve game and bit of your skills as well.

    Best of Luck

  14. Hari

    Today was my final test @ Belhasa , And this was the first time. I am really surprised that the Guy who has drove very pathetic was passed and I was failed.

    First one was a asian guy , who didnot do the DSSSM checking even he cant understand and go right when he is used to do so. Even Instructor interfere and change the staring and for me every thing was right even he appreciate at the last and told me to improve on the steering. but when the result came i was failed and he was passed. Im very low now . Anyway manage to pay for the final test

  15. Muhammed

    Hi all,

    Today I passed my driving test in first attempt. Al Hamdulillah.

    My test experience is very good, I attended 8 classes, then road test. The RTA examiner was very polite and before going road, he called us(3 candidates)includes me in a cabin and gave a short lecture,that don’t get nervous if you nervous you will loose your control..2 -3 minutes class. It was really ice braking we all get relaxed. Mine called first. I took from school outside and gone to main road. While going examiner asked for line change and U turn, but the road was crowded so I could not do that. Then from the signal I took u turn and after few minutes driving he said park the car 90 degree and I did. So mine not having more mistake. Then turn to next candidate he is on second test, he drives the car quite ok, then during 90 degree parking first attempt was not succeed and examiner given him second chance to park properly but unfortunately he could not and even the car hit the parking edge. So no hope since examiner given one more chance for proper parking.
    Then third guy , having Bahrain license holder. He driven the car well, during line change one taxi was close behind our car. Examiner little shouted to third guy. But fortunately he passed the test.

  16. Anton

    Today was my first RTA driving test 29.08.2015 scheduled at 12:30Hrs, I have received two SMs reminders from RTA & one reminder call from MY driving school, I have arrived at 11:45Hrs to my driving school
    & when I approached staffs at 11:55Hrs he told me that your assessment will be taken in **** area which not informed me earlier, when ask about transport their told me that I have to have my own transport to reach to the location,
    From there everything went wrong the Dubai taxi driver told me that he knows this location very well as dropped many student which was lie, we land up search it till 12:45Hrs, at last I have given up & did not attended, as I don’t want to get embarrassed
    When I questioned from my D-school their told me it’s clearly written on my guide line hand book about this location, well I believe their should brief all the students prior to the test, my only worry is RTA may record this absent details & I will be consider as
    Non-interested person or will be black mark on me when attend next time, please someone advise me, what will be the impact?

  17. AJMAL

    Dear sir,

    Tomorrow (17/09/2015) i am going to my second attempt.
    in my first attempt every thing it was better for me it means examiner, road situation, examiner was a good person but when he call my name my confidence level went down. i made a big mistake also when i do line change there was no chance for line change examiner suddenly took staring wheel.I think This time insha allah everything will be ok. pls pray for me

  18. Muhammad

    hellow every 1 wish all of u to pass the exam on ur 1st try in sha ALLAH i have passed my theory exam, parking exam,and half cluch on 1st attemp ALHAMDULILLAH now tomorow (22 sep 2015) is my 1st acadmy road test just pray for me and best of luck for ur tests GOD BLESS US ALLAH HAFIZ

  19. Muhammad

    1. Don’t apply break when change lane

    2. Move in to roundabout- only when there is no traffic from left side. Refer for more

    3. Use 4 step procedure when change lane.

    Well you aware that, check rear view mirror, based on the direction you go, you have to do signal, left/right mirror, shoulder check, rear view mirror again , if safe to change lane then change lane.

    4. When approaching to main road through merging road keep steering straight and check appropriate mirrors and immediately accelerate to the road speed once enter to the merging road.

    5. When changing lanes don’t turn suddenly or don’t swerve.

    6. When left or right or U-turn, car should not touch the yellow line.

    7. When merging to main road where not much ramp area check left and shoulder only.

    8. Slowly approach u turn and round about.

    9. Move inner circle in round about for left and u turn.

    10. Not overtake or change lane in solid line

    11. Don’t lose your focus through out the test. Mistakes can be happen but don’t think too much on the mistake which will troubles you to make more mistakes.

    12. When merging if any vehicle coming stop within the lane don’t cross yellow line in your left side.

    13. Check center mirror each 5 seconds and when apply break.

    14. On the examination date greet your examiner to get a first impression. You can greet in normal English or Arabic form. How to greet people in Arabic?

    15. Drive confidently and focused at all times during exam. Keep calm and focused on your exam.

  20. Vaidyanath

    U r right. I passed my test on 3rd attempt. Simple mantra is confidence,confidence and confidence.

    Be there at the test venue 1 hour before and keep calm

    Most important skill required is Perfection in parking ouout and parking In. Most students fail in these two… This is the first impression u give to the inspector.

    In section mood, money making is all trash

  21. Emmanuelita Macharia

    My story is not diffrent enrolled for driving an ye ago and i have been trying to pass my road test for five times but on the sixth time i passed my road test.I want to encourage you not to give up.My Eximiner was too good Thank you Ms Fatma



  23. Jules

    just completed the road test and I was unsuccessful in passing. Remember failing is not the end of the world and you can always give it a try again.( because you know what to prepare for the next time around)

    The most important points to remember is to take it easy when doing the initial checks.

    Ensure to stick to your lane
    Remember not to drive too slow as this will show them your not too confident
    If you are taking over the car from someone else. Ensure to to switch the hazard lights off
    Lastly and most importantly remember to do the mirrors and should check

    I am confident I’ll be okay on my second attempt as I am now more prepared mentally and can practice and correct my weaknesses

    All the best to everyone doing their road tests.

  24. Farhan sami

    Hi i passes my theory,asistment and parking test in 1st attempt from dubai driving school alnahda but i stuck in final road test today is my third time before 2 times fail i understand that’s my mistake but today just bcz of one thing he fail me.i was in the 3 lane road the last 3rd lane is for uturn so my examiner said left means lane change so from low track i entered mid lane after that he wave his hand in direction of left so i thought he’s saying enter in uturn and when i entered he said why u entered i didnt said that i said u wave your hand to left.well in the end he fail me just bcz of that.

  25. satnam

    Bro i apply for heavy bus and i gave two time rta test i don’t know why they are failed me gave me any suggestions

  26. niaz afridi

    first thing for getting licence is that ,that u be sure that u will do it and the most important thing dont be afraid from RTA officer inshallah u will do it

  27. abdul sathar

    I failed in road test three times in abudabi now i have confident to pass in my next test,but i have one confusion on roundabout exits plese inform me roundabout details

  28. Usman Butt

    i have the final road test 24 December.and i have read the all Tips to pass driving test.Thank you All to post feedback.

    God Bless To All.

  29. MEEM

    I passed my theory test and have booked for a driver assessment test. Can you tell me what that will include? How long will it be for? What is the next step after that?

    1. Naveed

      Dear Meem,

      Driving assessment test can decide how many practical lessons you need before you attend for the road test.

      Area 01-
      Area 02
      Area 03
      Area 04

      Make sure, you have fully grip on car, while you do assessment in yard. They ask you to drive 10-15 min many right left roundabouts.

    2. jules

      the assesment test will simply mean they judge your driving ability and where your at.try to fare well in this and thereby reduce the number of classes and the money you pay.

      at which point they will put you through to certain areas. area 3 to area 5 is around what most get. once you complete these classes you will thereafter have a parking test/yard test. once you complete this successfully you go for the road test.

  30. June

    Have enrolled for 40 classes. Finished 36 classes, cleared theory in first attempt. Failed the Parking Test 2nd time Appeared today and no success.Feeling very low and have started questioning my potential. I was advised to take 4 more classes for Parking but I paid for 8 classes 2 days. Not sure if that would be enough to be successful in the next Parking Test.

    Was wondering how many classes typically a beginner ( who has never driven before) need ?

  31. chirag

    hello sir,
    i have fail in second try and on this thursday its my third try in Emirates Driving School.

    please give me a useful tips as i want to pass in third try as it costing everytime AED 920.00

    witing for your good response.

  32. MARCUS


  33. syed waqar ali

    morning sir
    sir my final road test on 24 January but i am confused on round board so please help me for round board.and also a big problem of warning sign if he told me stop but i don’t know which area for suitable.

  34. Julian Anderson

    okay, sat for the exam a second time and it was a charm. Just remember, confidence and is key on the exam day. What I would suggest for a lot of yiu is, just before the exam, try to jot down on a piece of paper a list of things not to forget and read it while In the bus. Don’t stress out with the others failing.. The exam is less than two minutes…

    All the best everyone

  35. dev

    Dear sir,I want to attend my final test, but now i plan to change my job, if i change my job I want to apply from the beginning or directly shall i apply for the final test. Please advise me. And also what are the document I have to submit for my final test after changing my visa.

    1. admin Post author

      You can freeze your file till you change your job. after getting valid new residence visa you can only go for the final test. The document should be, your New Emirates ID and Residence visa copy. but better to check at the information counter of your driving school. thanks

      1. unknown

        kindly plz govt need to do a check n balance
        wat is happening inside.. tge behviour of examinerz are so harsh tht no one is comfortable with them especially lady exminer the one use to sit in there rooms .plz they can shout yell and pass cheap comments to the drivers..if we r not arabs tht dosent mean tht we dont com from rich and good families.plz correct there behivour its getting bareless evertime especially lady examiner

  36. peter

    hello every one.
    I pass my abu dhabi road test today. I am so happy. That is my second try. I pass, because of my instructor. Believe me. I drive in my country and I know how to drive . But I fail first time. Because, it totally depend on your instructor. You have to chose right instructor. Who can teach you all the rules and tip for road test. If, your not comfortable with your instructor don’t waste your time. Change instructor. Money is matter but time is more matter in UAE License. If you fail for road test, at least you have to wait 2 months for next test. So my advise is chose the right instructor. My first instructor is good, but not good enough. Driving on the street is very easy. We need technique for exam. My second instructor is very nice , fun and friendly. So, when I drive with him he teach me he talk me also. One tip from him I pass road test. His tip is when police talk to you you talk to back. That show your not scare and your confident. To day I pass because of this tip. The police ask me where you from, what you do and I also answer and when he laugh I also laugh. I drive one 3 minutes and I pass. That is why chose the right instructor for your test. good luck guy.

  37. Umer


    I have my golden try road test in Abu Dhabi on this sunday 3rd April, 2016, please give me some tips to pass the test.

    Secondaly tell me one thing, should hand break sound when we push it up or it should not sound (the tik tik tik sound).

  38. M.Nafees khan

    Dear Admin

    Let me thank you and appreciate your efforts to make a forum for all people’s by exchanging useful tips regarding getting driving licence from first step till to getting licence.
    Tomorrow I have a road test in Madinat zayed western region Abu Dhabi. I am fully confident and strong. But I request from you all to pray for me.

    I learn many tips that I should follow and in sha Allah by tomorrow in first attempt I wil get driving licence in sha Allah.

    Once again thank you admin and all users

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your appreciation. we hope you made it on your first attempt. Confidence is the key to success.

  39. Editha

    June 21 2016 I take my final road test today at emirates driving school .it sad when I got the result im failed. And this is my 7th time to take a test .usually my immediate failed making intervemtion of the examiner,making an action causing collision .anybody from.rta ca help me for my drivi test .

  40. Shameem

    I got my license this month in my second attempt and I’d like to share my whole story here, hoping that It may help somebody. This is my story of how I passed second test with 3 minor mistakes from 4 major and 18 minor faults in first test

    I am from kerala, working as an engineer in Dubai for last 1 year. I was average in driving and holds an 3 year old Indian license. I enrolled at Galdhari in Al Quoz branch and got my theory test in one week.I cleared it in 1 st chance itself.
    – I have talked with more than 10 friends enrolled in other driving schools and came to know that Galdhari Alquoz branch is best for road test as there are less complications in road. the test is always in one route and there is no round abouts U turns and less number of signals. also test is always conducted at 40 km and 60 km roads. we will no get confused about the speed limits.Of course there are complicated roads nearby..but most of the examiners will not take risks and wants to finish the test in a short time,so the go for easy roads.

    After theory exam came the parking.I cleared all except angle and garage in the 1 st test. In the next one I cleared the rest of them.
    My tips for parking are:
    – have a good idea about the points and poles
    – take your time to make the initial adjustments and start only after the car is made in the correct initial position to the line, the examiner may ask you do in a rushy way.
    – adjust seat and mirror correctly and make it at same position all the time you practice. small changes in seat positions may change points and pole viewing positions and you may turn the steering at wrong time and end up hitting.
    – wish examiner and try to make him friendly. 2..3 of the examiners I have seen at the parking are young guys and friendly and talk to us a lot. make advantage of this and try to gain his attention.(I think junior guys are in charge o f parking exam)
    – visualize the points in mind when u r free, this will make you thorough with the points which is needed to make sudden response at your exam. Practice it in your mind as much as possible and you can feel the change. It will make you a good decision maker which is crucial.
    – Usually examines do not care the angle hill and sudden break tests and give more attention for parallel and garage.

    My trainer was a Pakistani who was very arrogant. He was very lazy and do not take me to bigger roads and made me to drive most of the time in 40km roads where there is no line changes.
    I tried my maximum to keep patience. My line changing was so bad and this guy made me tensed shouting without correcting me and always use to tell me that I need tens of classes more and need 5 to 6 exams to pass. He always made fun of kerala guys and use to tell they are less intelligent.

    Sorry to mention about this guy, but I really got hurt by these comments. He does not tried to correct me and I went on learning wrong things. Every time I make mistake he laugh out loud and when I ask for correction he does not give me good answers.So the training end up with me learning almost nothing but some mistakes. This is the first time I had a real experience wit a Pakistani and I started getting angry every time I see Pakis 🙂

    I went for the assessment test and I failed in it. The problems was with the line changing. I itself knew that it was vey bad, but there was no body to correct me. I got 8 extra classes and again I went to the same guy.( I thought of changing this guy, but was afraid about how the new instructor might be. Also we have practiced together and I thought that the new guy cannot understand me well.)

    In the next assessment I passed partially due to grace from the examiner.

    Finally i got date for the road test.
    – In Ghaldhari due to large number of enrollment, its somewhat difficult to get date. Normally it will take 10..15 days.
    But it is OK if its not urgent for you. Its cheaper compared to emirates driving where we will get date in 1 week.
    – But the service is good and there are no hidden charges and you can find good offers also.
    – Most of the staffs are good and friendly.

    It was at morning 8 30 and the examiner came and asked us who ill drive first. I agreed and started to drive.
    He was a nice guy and we went to 60 road and he asked for line changing continuously. The first one itself went wrong due to improper head check. and then there was a series of errors, at last he asked me to park the car on road side and asked other 2 guys to drive. I failed with 4 immediate major errors and 18 minor error in 5 minutes.

    I was so disappointed. Of course it was due to my fault..any how I decided to change trainer.

    The new guy was excellent.. friendly funny and more over he corrected me. he took me to complicated roads …asked to change line in heavy traffic..that I itsel felt the change…I began enjoyng the driving..he has answer for every thing in a logical way .. and his brain is full of trics and tips..
    What I liked is his dedication to his job. I explained to him my experience with the previous guy and he always tell me his policy is to ‘do the job well and Allah will give’.
    We practice for 1 full hour, the previous guys trains only 45 t 50 minutes.I started loving Pakis..;-)

    after finishing 8 classes I went for my second test.

    I booked for 7 30 as requested by my instructor. Instructor was an young man. One of the guy started driving and he made big errors and he was asked to stop immediately.
    Then came second guy and he drove well and he was asked to park.
    Then came my chance and I went and wished him. he wished back. I told him I am little nervous but will try to do my maximum so that I can finish it before ramadan(I was having more confidence this time). He said insha allh and asked me to drive.The driving was good . He asked for3..4 line changes and made me drive for 10 minutes in less risky roads and asked to park in the driving school.

    He laughed and told that I am nervous so He cannot give me license. But when the result came I was passe with 3 minor mistakes only.
    My tips are
    – Book the test in the early morning-the road will be almost empty and the examiner will be in fresh mood and some times might not ask for taking risky actions.
    – Practice the 5 points while line changing. Practice it in busy rushy roads..
    -Book the classes close to the exam date
    -Never hesitate to take extra classes on the eve of test if u think u needed
    – be smart smiling and wish him in arabic. Drive with full confidence.. challenge yourself..give your maximum concentration this 10 minutes..think that the instructor is also a human being.
    – never bother to other people s stories of failures.believe in yourself.
    – in 60 road never come to 58 …but its no a big roblem if driving at 62..65 etc.
    – study the route during important things like signals..stop signs..parking lots..
    – never show tensed face b cool ..tensed face means the examiner will do more experiments on us
    -Try to drive 2 nd out of 3 during test…its having more probability of passing.
    – If you are very weak in driving and wish to take more classes to get practice and living in other emirates enroll insome driving school there, its cheaper. eg: in Ajman a 30 minute class cost only 20 to 25 AED , with no additional charges.
    -Do some breathing exercise before the exam…this will reduce tour tension.
    -If you are feeling that you have lack of focus on road, try some memory games. Am not it on 2 to 3 days before the test. It can increase your focus and decrease decision making time

    Anyway by gods grace I passed the test and I thought of giving my instructor a nice gift. I went to the driving school and gave it to him.

    At that time my previous instructor saw it and asked what happened. I told him I passed in 2 nd chance and gave him another gift I was supposed to give to bus driver in school who used to pick me.
    This guy was so stupid that he brought his new student (a russian girl ;-)) to me a and told her that I was very bad in driving and passed because of him.

    May god forgive these guys…good luck guys

  41. mike

    how long should it take to schedule for another exam? i have been waiting for almost 3 weeks and there has been no reponse yet i booked on time! please help me understand this. thanks

  42. Qadeer ahmed syed

    Hi today I had 4th assessment test try in Sharjah exmininer faild me he gave me six mistakes last test try other examiner gave me four mistakes I couldn’t understand how I drive



  44. ZAHEER

    I fail my driving test two time I have a final try soon and very afraid of failing this time please put some tips, anybody before 30 Jan 2019


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