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How to deal with Roundabouts in Dubai, Roundabout’s Rules

Roundabouts in Dubai are meant for controlling heavy traffic in a square and intersections. These roundabouts are helpful in terms of smooth flow of traffic but also sometime difficult for the drivers to approach correctly.  If a person is at driving test, it means he does not have that much practice in dealing with roundabouts so the chances of making mistakes are high. No matter if you are driving with learning permit to obtain driving license or you already have it, you must know the basic rules of roundabout to make your drive smooth and safe. The theory of roundabout is not that much difficult. It revolves around the pre defined rules. Learn them and act on them.

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In general, roundabouts are two or three tracked but you can find more track as well. I feel it important to give some information about “How to drive at Roundabout” as I did not find detailed and easy information on this topic on internet. Whether you are driving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah or any other emirate of U.A.E, the rules of roundabout are  same.

roundabout rules in Dubai

Now I will come to the topic, it is advised that always reduce your speed while approaching to roundabout. The safe speed limit is between 20 to 40 km/Hr depending on the load and rush of traffic. In such speed you can have a good control over your car andcan overcome any situation.

Give Way Rules:

If you are entering roundabout, then you must stop at white line and observe the traffic inside. You must give way to the vehicles in the round about. The vehicle from your left side has the priority so give way to them and only enter when you consider it safe. Don’t rush to enter, wait until you find enough gap and time. Always enter in to the appropriate lane.

Right Side Turn:

If you are turning right from the roundabout you will use the outermost lane. Always try to keep the right lane when you see the roundabout sign board. Give indicator towards right, stop at line, observe the traffic then enter in the outermost lane and exit in right lane. It is important; if you are taking immediate right then you must complete it by exiting in the right most track.

Going Straight:

If you want to go straight from roundabout then, if the roundabout is of two track then you will use the outermost track for this purpose and if the roundabout is of more than two tracks, then you can use the outer most track and the 2nd track or middle track.

Always try to enter from the right or middle track to the outermost or middle track of roundabout for going straight. Don’t give indicator while entering the roundabout. This is a rule which tell the people that you will go straight and not taking immediate right. When you cross the first exit then give indicator towards right and exit in the appropriate track.

Taking Left from Roundabout:

If you want to take left from roundabout then you can take it by entering into the inner most track of the roundabout. Before approaching to roundabout keep the leftlane and when reach near roundabout give indicator towards left. This will let people know that either you are taking u-turn or left. Entering procedure is the same, enter when you get enough gap and time to adjust into. When you cross the last exit before your desired one then give indicator towards right. Before exiting always check blind spots and exit in the left lane of the road.


Taking U-Turn:

If you want to take u-turn from roundabout then the process is almost same as it was in taking left. Use the inner most track of roundabout with proper indicator towards left and blind spot check and then exiting in the appropriate track. At exit time you must change your indicator from left to right to let others know that now you want to exit.

Signaling at roundabout:

Always take care of proper signals at roundabout. Proper indication will let other know about your desired activity. The signaling rule is

  1. If you are taking immediate right, then when entering roundabout always give right side indicator.
  2. If you are going straight, do not give any indicator at entrance when cross the first exit then indicate towards right.
  3. If you are taking left or u-turn then before entering to roundabout give left indicator and at before exit change it to right .

Blind spot checks:

Blind spot checking is really important in roundabout. At your exit time always check blind spots. Always maintain safe distance in your lane and from the vehicles in other lane as well. It will help you at exit time. Don’t go parallel with big trucks or containers in roundabout. As they are long enough in length and may touch other lanes and can cause problem for you.

This all was brief introduction towards roundabout rules in U.A.E. It is highly recommended to take practice these rule and drive with care at roundabouts and high ways.