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Driving License File Opening Process In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The procedure of driving license in Dubai is not difficult at all, All the driving schools have very good customer care centers. In Dubai if your want to take driving license, then you must select a driving school to start with. There are five schools in Dubai , which i will discuss later as this post is only concerned with process and procedure of your driving license which is almost same regardless of the school.

The initial step which you have to take is to open your personal file in the driving school or you can say it your registration or enrollment in that school, Your original passport is required in this case with valid residence visa stamped on it. you also need to obtain a NOC from your employer stating that they have no objection on your desire to take UAE driving license. This certificate must be on your company’s letter head and properly stamped and signed from the head of your organization. Another important requirement is that of eye’s test (Sight Test). You must qualify that test as it is very important for your safety, this test is carried out inside driving institutes ¬†and they normally charge AED. 100 for this, now let;s come to the process.

  1. Goto any of your desired driving school with the required documents.
  2. Go straight to reception and ask for opening a file, they will check your documents and will give you a token if your documents are complete.
  3. Take the token and wait for your turn, on your turn the concern person will check again your documents and if nothing is falling short, they will ask you to deposit the money and they they will send you for eye test.
  4. After getting your Eye’s sight result you will come back to the counter and they will enroll you.
  5. Now the enrollment process / file’s opening process has finished now you have to apply for theory classes. which you can apply on the same day or some other day.

In most of the driving schools, they take the enrollment free, eye test , theory lecture and theory test fee at the time of opening file, and the fee of road classes you can deposit later after after passing your RTA Theory Test.

This was the basic process involved in opening your driving license file, Keep checking this site for details on each and every issue of Dubai or UAE driving license.

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