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My Dubai Driving Test Story, Passed or Failed Read Here

Today I am sharing my driving test story with you. I don’t know that it will help you or no, but it may produce some confidence and awareness in you about the driving road test.  I would love to mention that I took my classes from Galadari Driving School and my test was scheduled in their premises and nearby roads.  Remember that, I am telling you my story which happened two years back and the situation may be little different now. I remember my test was on Thursday , the last working day of week and we all know that lot of traffic is expected on Thursday on the roads of Dubai.

I booked my test almost 6 days before, and right from the day I booked my test, I was nervous and with every passing day my nervousness went on increasing note.

On the Test day:

Finally the day came and on that day I reached at eleven o. clocks to my driving school which was almost one hour before my scheduled time. I went up upstairs and enroll myself.  They told me to sit and wait here you will be called after sometime.

That time was really tough for me and lot of things were going in my mind that, If I failed what will happen and if I do this and that. Sometime at that moment, I also used to imagine that I have passed the test and was celebrating that joy in my imaginations. Why was all this happening?  Because we all know it is not easy to pass driving test at Dubai or any other Emirates. They are too strict in their judgments and rightly justified.

My Pre Test Condition:

The time went on passing really slow and as with every minute passed my fear and depression was rising as well. Then suddenly my name was called, along with two other people and we were taken down and were told to wait for 5 minutes there, soon the examiner will come and you three will be tested.  After exact five minutes a person in white Kandoora (Arabic Dress) came holding a paper and an I pad in his hand and he called our names. Luckily my turn was not the first one, the first one was an old respected man who would be definitely in his late fifties or may be early sixties with white beard.

My number was third, the second person was a young guy, may be from India, will be hardly of 26 or 27 years. I was thirty at that time.  I will not discuss the details of how the two other performed in the test may be I will write a separate post for them  so reserving this place for them, If I write I will link back to their post from Here

Start of My Driving Test:

When my turn came, the examiner directed me to come to driving seat and I came out from the rear seat and sat at driving seat. I don’t know how and why  something changed inside me, As  I was too much confused before being called off for the test in the driving school but when called and came down from the waiting room to the car, my all worries and tensions went out and I felt huge confidence inside. Same happened when I sat on driving seat, I adjusted my seat, staring, mirrors and fasted the seat belt and also told other colleagues in the rear seat to fasten their seat belt.

Entering the Road: (A minor mistake)

The examiner told me to start, I had to entered to the road, the traffic from behind was too much and it was not easy to enter as I was not that much experienced to situation. But I remembered one tip, from my friend, He told me that, when you start, wait for traffic, don’t rush if you make any mistake at the start or entered the road in dangerous way, it would be a definite fail. So better wait for traffic until you find a proper time to enter the road or the examiner will fed up and will tell you to enter, you are taking too much time.

The same happened with me, after waiting for almost a minute or little less, the examiner told me to just enter the road, because the traffic will not stop and you have to find a way in the traffic. Then I jumped into the road with care and luckily my landing was safe and efficient. I was going straight in my lane, keeping in mind that I must go in between my lane with a proper speed.


Now I had to face roundabout ahead, My examiner told to take left from round about, I checked mirrors gave indicator changed lane to the left most as I knew if I want to take left from roundabout then I must be in the left most lane.  When I reached to roundabout, I stopped and after waiting for five to eight seconds I got an opportunity to enter roundabout and luckily I did everything correctly and left the roundabout by taking left in the proper lane. When I took left, A huge boost in my confidence came and I realized that yes, I can, and I will.

Junction Merging into Heavy Traffic Road:

After that I drove straight  till the junction, the road was merging to a main road which was full of traffic , The Examiner did not tell me anything and I kept going and reached to junction and took right as it was the only possible way that I could proceed. When I took right, there was a signal after almost hundred or one fifty meters and the examiner told me that you will take left from that signal. I had to change four lanes in way to reach to appropriate position to take left from the signal. But my confidence level was high and I didn’t know why and how it was, but I followed  each and every step of changing lane and changed all the lanes and reached to my desired track  in an efficient way.

My Performance at Traffic Signal:

I stopped at signal, it was red, and two cars were ahead of me. I was in the second last lane and the road on which I have to take left was three tracked road so I decided that I will take turn in the third lane instead of second, as my driving instructor told me and practiced me once that always take left from second into third lane as it is acceptable and safe and it is best suited for new drivers. The signal turned green, both cars in front of me took left from second lane to second but I went on a bit straight then my examiner told me slowly that you will take left, I did not say anything and went on confidently as my indicator was signaling left so he should not to be worried about that. I took left in the third lane and he also realized that I was doing it on purpose.

Another Mistake I Made:

After taking left, I felt some more confidence and then suddenly the examiner told me to change the lane towards left, I checked mirrors, did a blind spot check but forgot to give indicator when I was just touching the lane It came in my mind that I have missed the indicator I gave it right away and did not panic and carried out with the lane change. But I knew that I was late in giving the indicator. Then Again the examiner told me that you will take right from the next signal. This time I did not miss indicator and changed the lane from left to right and also left the road as there was a free right so I did not waited for the signal and took free right, keeping all respect for the pedestrians marks on the free right. I completed my right, although it was difficult as the signal was green and traffic was going on the road but I did it perfectly. Then from that point, I knew that so far I did everything accordingly and I have a chance to be declared passed if I did not make any serious mistake ahead. I kept on going in my lane as now I was near to the driving school and only from the this track I could leave the main road and could enter into the side road which would go to my school side.

End of the Test:

The Examiner told me to take right and I did it, after right he told me to take right again but he was a bit late in saying it  and taking right was not possible that time, and even I did not try to take it , I went on going straight and he also said at the meantime that “go straight go”, I took right from the next available right then left then again right on the directions of the examiner and reached at the gate of my driving school , I asked the examiner first time that should I go inside he said yes and went inside the school the pointed me one position to reach there and park after that car, It was easy ,I did it and applied hand brake , removed my seat belt and here I asked him again that whether  to switched off the car or keep the engine on. He told me to keep the engine on and I did accordingly and came out from my car. The two other persons sitting in rear seat also came out. The examiner told us to come inside the waiting room.

Waiting for Result:

We went there and he told us to wait. He went outside then came back after five minutes and started working on his I pad. He printed one paper then again took three four minutes and printed another and so on. Then he called the first person and gave him his paper. Then he called the second person and gave him his paper. They both were aware of the expected result; therefore there was not any surprise for them.

These ten to fifteen minutes were really tough for me, I knew that I was good in the test and may be declared as passed but then it came in my mind that, there is lot of stories of people that they performed very well but declared failed.  Suddenly he called my name, I went towards his table. He looked at me and gave me my paper without saying anything. I took the paper and starting looking at it, but did not understand that I passed or failed as it was in Arabic. I stayed silent there looking for paper for twenty to thirty seconds and then asked him an innocent question.

Excuse me sir, did I pass or fail? I do not understand it.

He looked at me and said “failed” and suddenly my face color changed and all my excitement went down in disappointment and the examiner was enjoying my situation. I managed myself and told him Ok, Sir, Thank you.

And when I was about taking turn and leaving him, He smiled and said,  you have passed. Everything again changed inside me, my feelings and excitement went on extreme, My blood pressure raised up and my face color changed suddenly from pale yellow to reddish.  He asked for the paper and showed me a point where there was written a word in Arabic. He encircled it and said it means Passed.

He really enjoyed my situation and so did I; I thanked him three to four times and smilingly came out from his office with real excitement and the joy. I was so much happy at that time, which I am unable to express in my words. I took my driving license in U.A.E and I took it on my first attempt.