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Getting Dubai Driving License, The Conversion Process

Anyone living in Dubai or UAE , the most essential thing which will make his life really easy is a driving license.  If you are a visitor or tourist in Dubai and have your home country license which is older than one year , you can drive on Dubai roads. The plus point is that this permission is regardless of your home country. You cannot buy your own car in such period as for buying your own car you need UAE Residence Visa and a valid driving license. In  Visit period you can use Car Rental services to drive. Now I will come to the actual point , once you got residence visa of Dubai , then you cannot drive no matter from which country you are. You must apply and take UAE driving license. Now this thing is dependent on your native country , there are almost 30 lucky countries , if you are citizen of these lucky country then you can exchange your driving license and obtain UAE  license in a matter of hours. You just have to visit Road Transport Authority RTA ,  along with your documents and your country’s valid license. After inspection of your documents and license they will issue you UAE driving license at the same time and that’s it , now you can enjoy your drive on the roads or United Arab Emirates.

You will find that lucky countries list at the end of this post. I also want to bring it in your notice that for the exchange phenomenon , you must be the citizen of that country and have their license. If you are from some other country but have  United States or France ( These countries are in that list) with 10 or even more year experience of driving , you are not eligible for the conversion.  This is a bad news but this is, and rule is always a rule.

The documents , you will need for obtaining driving license are , your original passport with residence visa, Emirates ID , your home country driving license ( In English or Arabic language) and a No Objection Certificate from  your sponsor. If your license is not in English or Arabic  , then you have to translate it from your country and have to attest it from UAE embassy from your country.

Following is the list of countries who are eligible for license conversion policy.

United States, Canada ,  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,  United Kingdom,  Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria.

This post is written for the purpose to provide you to the point information and assist you in taking your driving license. Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.