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RTA Theory Test Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Complete Guideline and Questions:

What is RTA Theory Test?

In Dubai or in any emirates of United Arab Emirates , Whenever you open file for getting Dubai Driving License , then you go through a set of steps , from opening file to passing final road test.

Appearing and passing your Driving license Theory Test is one of the step among all steps involved in getting your driving license.  When you open file, The first step you face after Vision test ( Eye test)  is   that you have to attend the lectures of driving theory. RTA authorities give you these lectures explaining all the theory involved. This theory mostly focuses on Road Safety, Hazard perception, Road signs and Traffic Signals.

These lectures also include different scenarios which explain priority rules on the road.When you attend the lectures then you have to book a test and appear in that computer based test where you knowledge about the above mentioned theory lectures is tested.

This test is called RTA Theory Test or Dubai Driving license theory test.  This is totally computer based test and you are offered multiple choice questions, from which you have to select the best possible answer.

Centers for RTA Theory Test:

The centers for this theory test are normally the driving school in which you have opened your file. Every school in Dubai had RTA center inside which are offering and facilitation you in these services.

Normally in Dubai the this test is conducted in

  1. Emirates Driving School
  2. Galadari Driving Institute
  3. Belhasa driving center
  4. Emirates Transport driving institute
  5. Dubai Driving Center

If you have opened driving file in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman or Fujairah then you will appear in this test in your respective emirate.

Let me make it clear again that passing this test is compulsory part of getting driving license and it is from Road transport authorities, which is a federal (Abu Dhabi) department means that this test is compulsory all over UAE.

RTA Driving Manual:

Now you opened your file and reached to take lectures  at your respective center now At the lecture time you are provided with a Manual book which is calling RTA Driving Manual. All your lectures are based on this small book which explains the driving process in details. Inside the book you will find different chapters regarding Road Safety, Traffic Signs, Best Practices and General rules of traffic of the United Arab Emirates.

This book is your passing key as your knowledge is tested in the Dubai Driving Theory Test against this RTA Manual. So besides from the lectures this manual is very important and must be read and learnt to pass the test.

At opening file time you can select the preferred language for your lectures and this manual. Normally this book is available in different languages which are listed below.

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. Urdu
  4. Hindi

I personally prefer the English language but you can choose it according to your ease and knowledge of the language.

What if I don’t read RTA Manual of Driving License?

This is very important question, lot of people skip the reading of RTA manual book and just rely on their general knowledge and the knowledge which they got from the lectures. I want to make it clear that, reading this book is important and you cannot get good results in test without going through this book several times.

Just like any school or college exam, where you are given text books, and after that lectures are given based on these books. A person cannot pass this subject exam just relying on the lecture and not touching his text book or revising the lectures several times.

If you are good enough to note everything of the lecture at RTA class room and later on just revise those lectures then you are fine but I think it is not possible to write down all the details while focusing on the lectures so in this case the RTA manual helps you out in passing your exam.

Consider this RTA Manual as your text book for driving license.

What if I skip the lectures of RTA Theory Test?

If you skip the lecture of theory test and just rely on RTA manual then you may get knowledge from this book but with lot of difficulties.

Lectures Room

In fact the lectures help you out to understand this manual and later on while revising the book you will not stuck at difficult points. You can easily go through the book in just under two hours which will store lot of information in your brain which you can only realize at your test time.

These lectures are delivered in a great way and we must appreciate RTA for having such good and trained instructors, who deliver these lectures in very professional and efficient way. They know their students and their education level and deliver the lecture best suited to them

So the answer is lectures are as much important as RTA manual and you must attend the lectures.

Importance of RTA Theory Test:

 At the time of your driving license journey you will not feel any importance of this test but later on you will realize the importance.

Importance of RTA Theory Lectures

This is in fact theoretical testing of your knowledge which you later on practice on the road. It is like making a base for any building. It is absolutely true that practices make the man perfect but for practice you must need something to practice and here is when RTA Test play its role. It gives you an idea that what you are going to face on road and how you have to deal with it.

Later on you can improve your skills with best practices but at start this theory knowledge is very essential.

You are taking a driving license and soon will be on the road flooded with heavy traffic. UAE is a fast driving place with heavy load of traffic. A small mistake on the road can endanger your life along with life of others. So keeping in mind all these points focus well on your driving theory test and do not consider it irrelevant or unimportant.

It is totally Computer Based :

               Yes you read it correctly, this test is totally computer based now. In all emirates of UAE you will sit in front of computer to give this test. Before it was like a traditional paper based test but now with passage of time RTA updated their procedure and made this test according to international standards.

In modern age of communication, computer based test are really easy for testing someone’s knowledge and evaluating the result quickly. One other advantage of computer based test is, the result is always fair and you can’t complain about the personal moods involved of the checker.

The result is automatically generated and delivered to you at the same time when you finish the test.

Remember the result is provided at counter and not on the computer.

What Computer operating knowledge I must have to give the test?

This is another important question arises in the mind of people before going to RTA Theory Test.

The simple answer is , you are not required to be master in computer operating skills. You just need to know the use of mouse or touch screen for selecting the options and clicking the next button and if you are not capable of doing even this, then don’t worry the staff at test time can even help you in this and can provide you an assistant which will do all this for you or can train you before starting the test.

In normal, 99 percent of the people living in United Arab Emirates, due to the use of laptops and touch screen mobiles can appear in this test and can easily be made able to give the test by just proving few tips about the use of the test application.

I also want to include for your easiness, there are lot of practice test app available on internet which can give you a good idea of the test and can make you confident while attempting the test at RTA Center. You can check one of our practice test app by clicking here and if you can go through this practice app then you can easily attempt it at RTA center.

And the most important thing is if you can read this post then you have the skills to give that computer based skill so don’t worry about it.

Composition of Theory Test:

Normally the theory test is divided into two sections, just to test your knowledge accordingly.

  1. General driving rules
  2. Road signals and traffic signs.

Now RTA has incorporated another section which is called video section in which videos are shown and question is asked.

Before at my test time there were total of 35 questions in the test, divided in two sections. The first section has 17 questions and the 2nd section consist of 18 questions. You need to give correct answers of 12 and 13 respectively.

Now a days, RTA Test is consist of 40 to 45 questions but the structure of question and its division is same as before.

Are the questions difficult?

If you are not prepared for the test then yes questions are really difficult but if you have followed the proper approach and have attended the lectures and studied the RTA manual then you for you the questions can be not difficult at all.

Just like every other exam, your preparation of the test is important if you are well prepared you can get success. There may be some unfortunate cases where a well prepared person can fail the test.

Very Important point to be noted:

Yes, this point is very important, when you sit in front of computer and starts giving the test at start you will find the questions very easy but when you come to the possible answers, you will find them very confusing and will not sure about, which one you select.

This is the main beauty of this test to know your knowledge up to extreme level.  Believe me when you completed your test you will be not sure about the result and once you get the result paper it will clear your mind.

For this purpose we have made a collection of 250+ questions which will help you in understanding and passing the test.

People have reported that 80 percent of the questions are already present in our 250 questions.

Best Approach to Attempt the questions:

Time is important in this test, the best approach is time management, don’t waste time on over thinking on difficult or confusing questions. Just skip them for now and attempt the sure questions first. You can later on come to these questions and think on it, and if you still not getting any clue of the answers then you can randomly select one answer among the presented three options.

The good point is there is no negative marking in this test. So if in few confusing questions if luck favors you then, you can select the correct answer just by chance.

Normally the probability of success among three choices is always 33 percent but do not try to attempt whole test on flutes as it will result in sure fail. Because you need 75 percent marks in each section to be marked as passed.

Online test apps for practicing the test:

Luckily now lot of online apps is available which are very helpful in practicing the RTA theory test. In most of these apps the questions are very simple but at least it gives you the idea of the test. So do not miss this practice and try to practice online which will add up confidence in you.

We have searched different app and find our app the best one as it has the questions which are very similar to real RTA Theory test.

RTA Theory test videos (Newly Added):

  This section is added in 2018 in which 5 videos are added to test and later on questions are asked related to these video or a particular video. If you understand priority rules and Hazard perception then you can pass this section but lot of observation is required.

Normally the purpose of these videos are to give you an idea of situation which will you face regularly on the roads of Dubai. Before, this section was covered with still images and asking some questions according to these images but now it has been changed to videos.

What if I failed the theory Test?

 This is very unfortunate but it is happening, normally 33 percent of the people are failing the test and the reason behind it, is lack of proper approach and not taking the test serious.  Not taking the test serious means not paying attention to theory lectures or even not studying the RTA Manual.

If you fail this theory test, then you cannot proceed forward and you have to re appear in the test by depositing the test fee. The test fee is AED. 300. In this case, RTA will give you a new date of your choice for the test and the whole procedure will be repeated.

If I passed the test:


Once you pass the test then you will go forward for your road classes. Means the next step will begin which is called practical classes. In these classes the instructor will start from basic and will gradually proceed. All depends on your control and picking up the instructions from the instructor and the most important on your learning ability. We wish you good luck in your Theory Test.

Our Recommendations:

We will highly recommend to do not miss the theory test lectures at RTA centers and reading the book provided by RTA.

Also practice some practice app available on internet to get the idea of the test. You can try our Practice app by clicking Here

Learn all traffic road signs and practice them.

Next recommendation is optional but important, If you want, you can download our 250+ questions which will help you in passing the test. 80 percent of the questions you will find in the RTA Theory Test.