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Galadari Driving School, Theory / Signal Test

Galadari Theory Test Dubai

Theory Test

Theory or Signal Test at Galadari driving school, Dubai is a computer based test, taken from all the applicant who are in the process of getting driving license. I will not hesitate to say that Galadari is one of the leading school of driving in Dubai.I know that  It is not important to mention, but don’t know why I am mentioning it that Galadari is the school from where I have taken my driving license training and passed my all exams in first attempt if it is theory or signal test or parking , assessment or final road test.. I scored Hundred percent in my theory test there. It does not mean in anyway, that I am recommending Galadari school or I am promoting it. I am just giving my personal experience with them. All the driving schools in Dubai are good and up to the standards set by Road Transport Authority U.A.E. They all provide quality education and are monitored by RTA very strongly and strictly.

Galadari Driving School Dubai

Theory Test at Galadari Driving School:

As this post is totally dedicated to Theory test or signal test, taken by RTA at the premises of Galadari driving school, therefore I want to stay focused on the concerned topic. In the driving school there is a well equipped computer lab for the test purpose. Candidate must enroll and register himself or herself for the test after taking theory lectures. This is not a free test as you know nothing is free in Dubai and failing this test will cause you to reregister yourself for the test by paying the specified fee again. mobiles are any other stuff is not allowed to be taken inside in the computer lab at your test time. You will deposit all your belongings into a locker provided by the school administration. Don’t worry, you will not lose anything as the key of that locker will be with you and after giving the test you can open the locker and take back all your belongings. This test is a multiple choice questions test and taken on computer. It does not required one to be expert in computer. It just needs very basic knowledge of just using mouse and clicking any button.

Is RTA Theory Test A Tough Test:

I will not say it a tough test but i will not say it either an easy test. In my perspective all tests are tough when you are not prepared for it and similarly if you are prepared for a test it can’t be tough for you. Sometime you will face complex type of questions in this test which will require you deep attention to select appropriate answer. I still remember a day when I was there in Galadari School with one of my friend, who had theory test. He came out with a paper in his hand and straight a way saying that I answered every thing correctly but they failed me. I was surprised, they how it can be, and asked him to tell me about the questions in the test. He hardly remembered two or three questions. I realized quickly that if he can’t remember the questions of the test then how could he remember the whole RTA guide for the theory test. The extract what i said above is, “They don’t fail you, if you answer them correctly”.

How to do Proper Preparation for Theory Test:

If you are taking your classes from Galadari driving school and you are at your theory test stage then be relax and study the guide, traffic signal card  provided from the school side. Theory classes are very essential don’t miss them. If you missed the theory classes you are having fifty percent chance to pass the test. If you are among the ones who are searching for the questions of Galadari driving school theory test then go to the end section ofthis post from where you can download all the questions and prepare yourself for the test. But I will recommend to read this full post. It will be helpful for you.

Is good score in the theory test important:

No, It is not important as you just need to pass the test to go to the next step, but if you think out of a box then “Yes” it is important to score good in this theory test. Good score means you know all the theory of driving very well, and as by having all the knowledge of road marking and signals you can perform good in the road training and road test. Secondly, if you pass the test with above ninety percent marks it will give you a great confidence which you cannot imagine right now. This boost in confidence will help you a lot in your coming tests whether it is a parking, assessment or final road test. Everyone wishes to get his driving license on first attempt and this my research that people scoring good in theory test always get their license in the first or second attempt.

Failing the test:

If you failed the test, your confidence level will fall down dramatically. you lost your time and money as you will pay again for the test. Taking driving license in Dubai or any other emirates is some how a nerve’s game. you need to be strong mentally and your confidence level should be up to the standards.

Get result immediately:

After you give your test, you will get the result immediately, within ten to fifteen minutes. I remember my time when i gave the test and was at the counter to receive my result. I was nervous although i knew that I have passed the test but still there were some fear in my mind that what if i failed, how much i scored ? and so on. When i got my result paper, it was of real excitement for me, that i had scored hundred percent in the test and made no mistake in the test. As i said earlier this gave me a great boost in confidence.

Languages of the test:

This test is taken in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and different other languages. my preference is always the English language as i feel it is easy to understand and answer in English, But it is up to you, you may select Urdu, Arabic or Hindi or any other available language. You may take a translator at test time which will just translate the questions and available options to you to your native language. RTA is doing their best to facilitate you.

From Where I can Get the Questions of this Theory Test? :

If you are interested and still want to get complete possible questions of the test then you may download  it from the this link.  I have checked these questions myself and found it most accurate and working.

I think I have provided the necessary information about the theory test whether it is at Galadari or any other driving school. hope this information will be helpful for you. For Useful tips to pass your driving license road test you can read my other post http://drivinglicensedubai.com/blog/useful-tips-to-pass-driving-test-in-dubai-abu-dhabi-sharjah/