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Common Mistakes People Make at Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and U.A.E

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other emirate of U.A.E failing a driving license test is the most common problem faced by hundreds of people on daily basis. There are some common mistakes which are responsible for their failure in the driving test. The Biggest problem is that Ninety percent of the people don’t know their mistakes and they go for the test and fail it again. Why I need to write on the topic of “Common Mistakes at driving Test”?  A simple answer is to educate the people to understand it better which will definitely help them in getting success at their next attempt.  Once a person fails the test, he has given a form, which contained the mistakes he made at the test. I will also blame the driving instructors, as sometime they do not go according to the paper to make the person able to overcome his mistakes. The instructors normally go for their driving practice classes and do not pay proper attention to the specified weakness of the person. If you are among the one who has already failed his test then it should be your duty to tell your instructor to work on you for the mistakes you made at your previous road test.common driving mistakes

Common Mistakes People Doing In Their Final Road Test

Now I will come to the exact topic of the common mistakes people do in Dubai or U.A.E for failing their road test.  There is lot of factors involved. A person can leave a fail impact on the examiner straight away at the start of his test if he does not start with confidence and missed any of the pre requisite of starting a test. The most common mistakes are categorized as follows.

Pre Driving Mistakes

 This is the category where a candidate leaves a failing impression on the examiner right at start if not taken care. Although majority of pre driving mistakes come in category of miner but the impression counts. We all know that giving a negative impression at start will take lot of time to become positive in the other person mind. Forgetting to fasten seat belt, hand brake and changing gear to start etc comes in this category.


Signaling is most important factor in driving test and is observed watch fully by the examiner.  In Dubai driving test, I have seen that some people totally forget to give signal while entering road or taking off the car from parking or even when changing lane. Doing it once or twice is considered a minor mistake but if you do it continuously,  you can fail your test due to this only reason as well. Not signaling at all, not signaling at proper time, Sometime not signaling are the types of mistakes which the examiner will mark. This is the most common mistake and almost every newdriver commits it in different manners on his / her road test


Reversing is somehow a difficult part of test and even of driving. You must be too much cautious while reversing.  The examiners are strict on determining the reversing ability of driver as they know its significance. In reversing the common mistakes are, not looking all around, not checking mirrors, wrong signaling, Lack of control, wrong judgment and not following the basic theory of reversing

Blind Spot Checks:

In Dubai if you missed a blind spot check you failed the test, Blindspot checking is Blind Spot checksimportant as we can’t see some of the vehicles which are really near to our car or vehicle.There is certain range of our vehicle mirrors. Blind spot check is also called shoulder check in a direct term. Lot of people fail their test just due to not checking the blind spots while changing lane, entering road, leaving road or exiting from roundabout etc. Missing a blind spot check comes in major category of mistake or a critical mistake and is considered immediate fail mistake.

Not Following road marking

Not following road marking is another category of common mistakes. Road marking are to ensure road safety and are monitored strictly at your exam. Not following road marking come in immediate fail category of mistakes and must be taken seriously. Majority of people do not stop at stop line on road or stop very close or far away from line. People do not understand the dotted line on road and do not slow down on it. Some time people cross the yellow line.

Not Checking Mirrors

Not checking mirrors is the most common and top mistake which is repeated by huge number of people at their test time.  For the road safety, checking mirrors at every move or whenever you perform any action on road is very important. Not checking mirrors once or twice is a minor mistake but not checking at all can be the cause of your driving test failure. Not checking mirrors at all, forget to check mirror while changing lane, changing speed, before applying brake, entering road, leaving road are the common sub divisions of this category. Even if you are driving straight, you must check the side mirrors and back mirrors on regular interval if you missed so you will be marked with minor mistakes may be one, two or three depends on the examiner.


Lack of Control

If you are marked with lack of control it means you failed the test. Total lack of driving control or lack of control at roundabouts, reversing, while taking turn are the common points in this category. You are marked fail as they consider your control on the car is not that much and proceeding with your test can cause any dangerous situation.

Wrong Positioning

Positioning of your vehicle on road is important, not following proper position in your lane, driving too much towards left in the lane, or too much towards right are the sub divisions. Position at roundabout is also important, exiting in wrong lane from roundabout also counted in positioning category.

Mistakes at Junctions:

People make lot of mistakes at junctions. Improper position at junction, approach too fast, approach too slow are the common mistakes found in this category.

The above information provided was about the mistakes people do at time of their driving test in U.A.E. Hope you found it useful. Keep checking this website for any query and information related driving license in Gulf or U.A.E.

I always wish good luck to all of you in your driving license journey.  If you want to read about the tips to pass your driving license test on first attempt then Read my other post of Tips to Pass Driving License Test in Dubai.

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