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How to Get Discount in Driving Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  

Discount in driving license classes fees is always welcomed by the customers. As in Dubai , Abu Dhabi or in the whole of United Arab Emirates the driving license fee is high and process is very tough. Normally if you want to take license , you have to take forty learning classes but if you are already having your home country’s license and it is older then three years, then you have to take only twenty classes before you appear in the road test.

If someone is eligible for twenty classes and passes his final road test on first attempt, the total cost on his driving license will be in between Three thoursand three hundreds  to  Three Thousand Five Hundreds AED, The cost varies due to different structures on fee of different driving schools.  A person with total forty classes and with first attempt success , the cost will come between forty five to forty seven hundreds AED. Every failed attempt is increasing your driving license cost by Eight Hundreds AED approximately.

Now the point of concern is that the cost is already too much high and even by failing the test it increases substantially therefore no one will like to fail the test and the fear of failing the test put the person in more pressure resulting in more mistakes in their final road test. I have also find a good working guide which will help you passing your road test on first attempt. If you are interested then Click here to access that guide.

Another question is , can we get any discount in the driving license classes or whole process? The answer is yes, there is always some ways of discount and people are getting these discounts. In many driving schools such discounts are available, varying from forty five percent to fifty five percent. You can find discount coupon and different offers time to time on driving license classes , which can reduce your driving license cost upto Seven to Twelve hundreds  AED.

You can search online for the terms “Belhasa Driving classes discount” or “Galadari Driving Classes discount” and so on for Emirates driving school discounts, You will always get some deals and good results, you can also find coupon but most of the time the coupons are for limited time and their time validity had been expired.

But if there is ways of discounts and in other words you can say that  it is possible to cut off your license fees then why to pay more amount? So be saving guy and always try to take discounts.

I have also written a good guide on how to get your driving license on minimal charges and efficiently.  This guide explains some resources from where you can get up to fifty percent discount so will be useful for you. I have also explained the driving  process steps and the ways of cutting off the extra money on your driving license, and remember there are few possible ways in each and every driving schools where you can get 20 to 25 percent discount on your driving classes. All these ways are well explained in my short book ,  just to tell you that there are twenty five useful ways through which you can minimize your driving license cost. Click Here to access that guide if you are interested in “How to minimize my Driving license cost”.