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Abu Dhabi Theory Test or Signal Test | Questions

Abu Dhabi Theory Test by RTA“Abu Dhabi Theory Test” or “Abu Dhabi Signal Test”  is the test taken, when someone apply for driving license in Abu Dhabi and completes the theory lectures. This test is taken by RTA and the purpose is to check your driving knowledge. Theory test or Signal test in Abu Dhabi is computer based test. Computer based signal test means that you will sit in front of computer and will solve the test. This test is multiple choice questions type test.

Introduction to Abu Dhabi Theory Test:

Currently the test has forty five questions and you must provide correct answer to Thirty Six question to qualify the test. Once you qualify the test  then you can carry on with your driving license journey by taking the road classes, parking test, assessment test and final road test. This theory test is based on the four days theory lectures.

Theory Lectures Before the Test:

Learning Theory Test

In Abu Dhabi, It is mandatory to take theory lectures. These theory lectures covers all the basic and details theory of driving. You will learn all the traffic rules of Abu Dhabi and U.A.E. It covers all the basics of road safety. Traffic signs and road signs are discussed in details. Special and trained instructors give lectures covering each and every aspect of driving. The theory lectures are followed by theory test. These theory lectures are very important as you will learn all the theory of safe driving and second you will be able to pass this theory test in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Computer’s Skills required for Theory Test:

This test is mixture of simple tough and complex questions, some time the question seems Computer Skills For Theory Testto be very simple but the options given as an answer are too much confusing and inter related to each other that people face difficulties to tick the correct one. If you fail the theory test you are bound to take it again by paying the theory test fee, until you pass. In order to pass this test in Abu Dhabi you need to know the basic use of computer as you will deal with computer in it. It does’t require great skill of computer. Only clicking next and previous button and selecting options by using mouse. I have heard lot of complains from the people who have failed the test that the test is really difficult but I do not agree with them. Every test in this world is difficult if you are not prepare for that test and every test is an easy test if you are fully prepared for it.

Language to Prefer in Theory Test:

At theory lectures you will be provided a guide from RTA side, You just need to follow this guide and can pass the test. This guide is well detailed and great resource of information on driving theory. You may take the English, Urdu , Arabic version of that guide and can give the test in your selected language. I will prefer the test in English because it seems easy to me to understand all the terms in English rather than my native language.

Importance of Theory Test:

RTA theory or Signal or Knowledge test in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or any other emirates of U.A.E is now the part of driving license process and has its importance in terms of road safety. I will advise to everyone that learn the basic theory of driving it will always help you. Driving a car, bus or any vehicle on the busy roads of U.A.E is not an easy task and it includes lot of risks, A small mistake can put you in troubles, therefore pay attention to this test. We also know that there are lot of fines for traffic violations in U.A.E and the amount of these fine is sometime very high.By knowing all the traffic rules and following them we can avoid traffic fines as no one wants to give a single penny in terms of fines.

Abu Dhabi Theory Test Complete Questions:

People Here requesting me for the questions of Theory test in Abu Dhabi, If you are also among those then you can click here to download all the questions of this test these questions will help you enough to pass the theory test but I will also recommend to learn the guide provided by RTA as it will help you all over in your life.

Tips to Pass Final Road Test In Abu Dhabi:

If you are among the ones who passed all the steps of driving license and now at your final Tips to pass road test in Abu Dhabistep of road test which is definitely the biggest step and exam in the driving license journey then you are can say yourself lucky for being reading this post. I will recommend this guide to you for passing your road test on your next coming attempt. This guide inspired me a lot and helped me to pass my own road test on first attempt. It is working in all the emirates of U.A.E and Gulf countries.

High Way Classes After Passing Final Road test:

Don’t miss the high way classes after passing your road test. These are very important, I HighWay classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubaihave seen people skipping this step. After paying the fee for high way classes people usually don’t take the classes and take signature from the instructors. I will not recommend it. Go for these classes.A question is  why I am putting high way classes here in Theory test section?  My answer is very much clear that I want to put in your mind from right now, that don’t miss these classes. It will help you a lot and are great source of experience.

Wishing you success. Thanks