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Parking is an important subject in driving world.  If you are already a driver or you are the one who applied for driving license in Dubai or UAE or anywhere in the world and facing problems in understanding parking theory or unable to perform it practically then you are at right place. Here I will explain the theoparking tips imagery of parking and will also give some useful tips of performing it on actual grounds.  As I am familiar with Dubai and lived here for almost 10 years, I know how much it is difficult for a new driver or a learner to Park the vehicle correctly without breaking any RTA rule and off course without hitting any other vehicle. I know, at the driving schools in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other emirate , they are paying good attention to provide proper training and education on “how to park the car” but you will also admit that , people are sometime not paying that much attention to learn it. When it comes the time of their Parking test then they become worried and start searching tips on parking the  vehicle  or “Tips to Pass Parking Test in Dubai” on internet.Dubai driving test Parking

There are three types of parking in terms of passing the driving test.

  • Angle Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • 90 Degree reverse Parking


Angle Parking:

It is the easiest of all the parking. In most of public places you will find angle parking in which you have to park the car in 45 degree angle.  In UAE, car park space is separated by two lines and you are bound to park inside these two lines to avoid any fine or penalty. This space is large enough that a big station jeep can be placed easily.

What the driving examiner will be looking for if I am asked for an angle parking? This is now an important question and you must know these points and keep focus on these to pass your driving angle parking test.

  • He will look if you parked your car in the centre of the allotted space.
  • Did you maintained enough and safe distance from the vehicles present at left and right side of your car.
  • He will also check that your car is in forty five degree as compare to the road or divider or curb or kerb.
  • You must complete the process without taking any reverse in it which means you must park your car in a single straight attempt.

Parallel Parking:

Parallel parking is normally performed parallel to the road in reverse method. You will be allotted a space to park in between two cars or vehicles. This is the difficult type of parking and requires control skills and accurate techniques. If you don’t know the theory of parallel parking you cannot perform it correctly. This parking is performed in two steps. First reverse and then after fitting the allotted space a forward gear to position your car in the centre of the allotted space. If you are at your Parking test in Dubai or UAE, then it is mandatory to perform parallel parking test. If you want the exact techniques of parallel parking to perform it correctly and pass your parking test easily then this tutorial will be helpful to you.

90 Degree Reverse Parking:

This is relatively more difficult parking and mandatory to perform correctly in terms of to pass your driving parking test. You have to park your car in the allotted space between two cars in reverse in 90 degree to the road. It is three step parking process and requires much attention and focus to do it correctly. The examiner will check your complete process of attempting to park in 90 degree and after parking your car, he will check the

  • Distance from side vehicles
  • Position of the car as if it is exactly at 90 degree to road
  • Distance of your car from the boundary and from the road


Some Important Information on topic:

As far as the driving license tests are concerned whether it is final road test of initial parking test, only parking the car in allotted space will not justify. The examiners are checking with their checklist and noting each and every minor mistake which your perform during this process. Therefore it necessary that you perform it correctly and in the same way for in which they expect from you. During your throughout driving license classes they teach you each and every step of the process and the same they want you to perform practically on your each and every test of the driving license journey.

In general life you can easily park your car by two or three reverse attempts and adjustments, but in the test the case is different. You must accomplish the task in the specified steps. In short I will say “They don’t only check the final result but they check the carrying out process which leads the final result”.

They monitor your approach towards each step, they observe you silently that whether you are checking the mirrors, proper indications, staring movement, blind spot checks etc. So you must be ready for all the above mentioned points.

Importance of Parking Theory:

No matter how good driver you are, if you don’t know the theory of parking you can’t pass the parking test. The examiners have reasons to fail you if you ignore any step in the process.  The theory of parking is the result of continuous research and by following the theory you can perform ten times better.

As far as the driving test is concerned, this one reason will make you understand and satisfy that “The theory is important as examiners want you to perform according to the theory”.

Recommended tutorial:

If you know all the theory and can perform better at test then no need to go for any tutorial but if you are among the people who are searching for any “good parking tutorial” to pass driving test or parking test then I will recommend a tutorial which will cover all the aspects of parking and will teach you in easy way. This tutorial has everything, required for passing the final or parking test  or to just improve your skills. It will also give help in your daily life.

This is an audio video tutorial along with images and theory, If you want to download it to your pc or mobile then click here to go to its download page.

The Tutorial is in final touches and will be uploaded soon.




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  1. NEJI

    I have gone through this article which is very informative. Kinldy send the tips to pass the parking test in prescribed 3 methods.I have already done almost all practical classes. Waiting for your reply to follow your instructions next time.

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    I have gone through this article which is very informative. Kinldy send the tips to pass the parking test in prescribed 3 methods.Waiting for your reply to follow your instructions next time.

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    Just now i have passed my assesment test and on 14th of October i have got time for Final road test .All the above suggestions will be helpful for me.Just pray for my
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  6. Roscoe

    does anyone here knows what “MD” means in the driving instructor’s remarks for a student? does it mean “More Driving”???

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    I have license of my home country of 5 year. How i can start for the license. And i m from al ain. Do we have any driving school at al ain n where it is? Location? Thanks.

  8. Bishal sharma

    How much it will cost to get the license total if we pass in the 1st try. And where i can get the theory questions and answer for practice.

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    i have read your article on parking. it is very useful and helpful . i am preparing for my parking text. kindly send me the tips for parking with its images.

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    your messages on parking is very useful.It gives confidence for me as i am preparing to appear for the Parking test for the first time.Kindly send me some tips for successful parking.

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  14. Naji ullah khan

    (parking in 3 steps) Reverse Parking
    Position the car in the lane (near the Parking lot)
    Turn on the right indicator and start slowly (reversing)
    Step 1. Look for the red color in right Triangle (Pole 1), as soon as you see red color turn your steering fully to the right and keep reversing slowly and look for step 2.
    Step 2. Now look in your left mirror for pole 3, when you see whole of the pole 3, Straight the wheels by turning the steering by 2 turns and keep reversing slowly
    Step 3. Now look for pole 1 in on your right side as soon as your right mirror passes pole 1 turn fully to the left, keep going to make the car parallel to Kerb BUT don’t hit the kerb/pole.
    Slowly Come forward a bit and stop.
    Turn on your left indicator
    See the gap if you can’t go out, reverse a bit
    Do Head Check,
    Start moving slowly by fully turning to the left
    Once Pole 1 is at the right door opening lock turn to right by 2 turns and keep moving slowly
    Straighten the car in your lane (Do not enter the next lane)

    90® GARAGE PARKING (Reverse Parking)
    Position the car near the road marking (broken white line)
    Turn on the right indicator
    Slowly reverse and look for the red circle of pole 1 in the right Triangle
    Once you see the complete red circle turn the steering fully to the right and reverse slowly (watch the distance between the tire and the kerb in your right mirror)
    Once the car is straight in the parking bay turn the steering by 2 turns.
    Keep reversing slowly to see the whole white portion of pole1 (Do not touch the pole or kerb)
    Turn on the right indicator
    Move forward slowly
    Once the pole 1 has just passed the right door opening hatch turn fully to right
    Keep the car in your lane parallel to the road marking
    Position the car near the road marking (broken white line)
    Turn on the right indicator and move slowly
    Once your right mirror is parallel to the marking of the parking bay turn fully to the right
    Keep going and straighten your car in the center of the bay
    Turn on the right indicator
    Reverse straight slowly and look in the back scree and right back window, once the right pole is in the middle of the back window fully cut to the right.
    Reverse slowly in your lane until the car is parallel to the road marking then go ahead.

    To turning: Mirror> Indicator > Slow down > Gear down in step wise manner
    To Traffic Light: Mirror> Slow down > Gear down in step wise manner
    Changing Lane: Central Mirror >Indicator >Side mirror >Head Check >Central mirror > maintain or slightly increase the speed but don’t slow down. (Don’t change to left lane near junction and over the solid line)

    1. Lida

      Very useful and informative. Just wanted to add the shoulder checking to this. Shoulders need to be checked right after you give indicator to begin parking and they also need to be checked as soon as you start turning on the road. For example in parallel parking when you turn the steering to cut into the parking, your car is actually moving a bit into the road and thus you should check left shoulder as soon as you start turning your steering.

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