Importance of Driving License in UAE

Driving license in UAE is very important in many reasons. If you are living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and don’t have driving license yet, then definitely you are missing too much glories of U.A.E.  It is really painful to travel in buses and taxis here. Buses are too hard to travel in and taxis are too expensive. If you are working on a good designation then you must have a valid driving license.  I will try to highlight its importance in different parts of life.

Professional Life:

Driving license help us to perform better in our professional life. It reduces too much of time wastage to reach our clients or to attend our meetings on time. Time is money and we all know wasting time means wasting opportunities. All the companies when hiring, prefer the people with driving license. Some companies make it compulsory for their job that a person must have a valid UAE driving license. There are big investors in the country and they do not hesitate to give cars to their employees as a transport facility rather than giving them the pick and drop.

In Job Search:

Driving license plays important role in job search in UAE. You can easily target jobs in different emirates and can reach them for interview or further assessment tests. As discussed above that they usually prefer professionals with driving license so you already got an advantage on others, competing for the same job position.

Personal life:

If you are living with your family and lack the facility of driving then you cannot enjoy life here. At weekends you must go out with your family and spend sometime outside to refresh yourself and your family. You can’t travel in buses with your wife and children as it will be like a head ache to manage. Traveling in taxis is out of reach in terms of expense. You may use taxi traveling inside Dubai or inside the same emirates in which you are living but if plan to spend your weekend out side your emirate or plan to go to Fujairah or Abu Dhabi from Dubai or Sharjah then taxi will charge you too much.


It gives you easiness in your life if you have a car and authorize to drive it. In short i will say if you have this facility the whole UAE is in your access. You can travel to all the seven emirates of the UAE easily in just 24 hours span. You can enjoy with your friends , family and can go out on a long drive or camping on weekend.

As compared to other countries, the fuel is not that much expensive in UAE and person can afford it easily. The car prices are not that much high. Even under 6000 A.E.D you can have a good car here, although the model will be old but will be good enough to full fill your requirements. But you need a driving license to drive this car. No matter how much experienced driver you are, but the license is the official requirement to drive in this country. I have seen some manual transmission cars being sold for 2000 AED which is almost half of the expense made on obtaining the driving license in UAE (If you get it on first attempt).

Therefore if you did not apply for your driving license yet then don’t wait and take it now,to enjoy your personal and business life up to fullest in the UAE.


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