How to Renew Driving license In Dubai, Complete Process

Dubai driving license renewal is an easy and simple process. As we all know, Dubai driving license is valid for ten years, then required to be renewed. If your license is expired or near to expire then you may find this post useful. I checked this topic online and found that  information is scattered in chunks and needs to be re-arranged to present it in a combined form. If you feel any shortage or miss information then you can correct me by giving your feedback in the comments. Now i will come straight to my topic “The Process of driving license renewal in Dubai”.

Required documents:

The renewal is not a big deal in Dubai , you just require to have the following documents in your hand.

  1. Certificate for your eye’s test. This can be obtained after testing your eye sight at recognized and authorized opticians.
  2. Emirates ID or Photocopy of passport with valid residence visa stamped.
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Old License (Expired License)

Places to renew your driving license:

You can renew your driving license from the following places.

  1. RTA’s Main Building Dubai
  2. RTA sub offices
  3. RTA counters in different Malls in Dubai
  4. Yateem Opticians Dubai
  5. Barakat Opticians
  6. Al-Magharabi Opticians
  7. Grand Opticians

Process of Renewal:

The process is very much simple. Obtain your eye test result and go in personal to any of the offices or counters mentioned above with required documents in hand. They will check the documents and will tell you to pay the renewal fee if you don’t have any fine on your license. if you have traffic fines then you will be asked to pay the fee and all the fines. So be sure that your traffic file number is cleared from all the fines. After depositing the fee, within Thirty minutes to one hour, you will get your new driving license.

If you want to renew your license through one of the authorized optician, mentioned above, then you must visit them personally with all required documents except eye test’s result as they will perform your eye sight test at their center and will send your test report directly to RTA office using online system. All the process is carried out in your presence and you will receive a temporary license valid for  few days in your email or you can also obtain  its print out from the optician’s store. After completing the process in optician center you will receive your driving license within three to four days through courier service on the address you provided at time of renewal. Here the important point to be noted is that you have to pay the fee and fine by using your credit card.

You may apply for online renewal , check

All the above information is for the purpose to help you out in renewing your driving license. if you found it helpful then give your valued feedback through comments.

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30 thoughts on “How to Renew Driving license In Dubai, Complete Process

  1. rajkumar bejjarapu

    hiiii iam rajkumar ….before I was drieved in du bai now my license is expire this 25/12/15 so I can’t come dubai before 1 year so after expair my license how can I reniwal my license plz plz give me ur valeble saggetion….

    1. admin Post author

      when you come to Dubai , just go to RTA office and Renew your license. I think there will not be any issue in that.

  2. Tahir Mahmood

    Dear sir. Actually my brother have DXB.driving licence already expair and he have Employment Visa but not posted in his pass port can we bring his original pass port with eyes test and his licence can be possible for new driving licence. Thank you very much

  3. Sreenivasulu

    Sir my dubai driving license is expired 12 july 2016 but i want to go india February 2016 can i renew my license bebore expired please tell me thankyou

  4. Aziz

    Thanks for the info. Its very usefull. And further more I woukd like to clarify that my dubai license will expire soon and now I am having Abu Dhabi visa…, how can I renew it?? Plz let me know… Thanks and regards.

  5. samsuddin.jadhani

    my driving licence exp date is 28/09/2013,
    now can i renew my driving licence without test drive or i have give test agein ?
    i m coming next month to dubai for job.
    so pls give me advise .

  6. mohamad mokhtar sakkal

    My wife had an expired driving license since 1995 from AD, Last year she came back to UAE on e residency visa issued from DUBAI;
    Can she renew the license in Dubai, current place of residency and how much it will cost and incase there is a delay penalty how much it will be ???
    Where to renew it in DUBAI if applicable ??

    1. admin Post author

      The best option will be to go to any RTA Office with the Expired license of your wife and they will give you exact information.

  7. Arlene Gerigdig

    Hi Good pm Sir,

    I just wanted to inquire my license is going to expire on 07-02-2016. My visa they didn’t cancel yet in my previous company but my emirates id and labor card it’s already expired. Please i need your advise thanks & best regards,


    1. admin Post author

      I will suggest once you have valid visa then go for the process of renewal as with expired Emirates ID they will not process your application.

  8. Manish Patel

    my driving license issued from Sharjah so i can renew in Dubai. at presend my visa Abu dhabi
    Kindly get response as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

    Manish Patel

    Mobile:-050 6789594

    1. admin Post author

      Go to any RTA Office they will guide you, as per my knowledge you have to do eye-Sight test and will get the license from the Emirate from which your current visa is.

  9. Abubakkar

    Dear Sir/Madam, My UAE licence was issued in Sharjah in 2004. My license was expired in 2014. What is the procedure to renew my license. Thanks

  10. manzoor

    my licence has expired about one year. how long will allow rta to renew licence. may be next one or two year i will not come to dubai… please sujest me what i want to do renew.
    thank you

  11. Ajay

    My dubai driving license got expired on 2009.but on 2007 my company transferred me to kuwait, now next month again i will be working in dubai,so can i renew my license?

    1. admin Post author

      Once you come to Dubai , visit any RTA office and consult with them. In such cases it is very useful to directly go and ask from concern departments.

  12. Srinivasa Sarma

    My driving license is Issued in Dubai currently on Sharjah Visa. License is Due for renewal in Aug. 2016. Advise renewal procedure

    1. admin Post author

      Renewal process already covered in detail on this forum you can refer to renewal post.

  13. Syed Samiulla

    Sir, My Light Motor Vehicle driving license issued from Dubai and it is expired on Dt.26.01.2016. And at present my residential visa is from Abu Dhabi. Shall I renew my license from Abu Dhabi, please advise.

  14. ks sivasubramanian

    sir my driving licence number 7,8 expiry date 30.08.2015 now iam in india i want to renew my lisence what can i do sir

  15. meka sekhar

    Dear Sir,
    My driving license will expire in 2019. I would be leaving UAE shortly, so i would like to renew driving license in 2017. Is it possible to renew UAE driving license before two years of expiry date.

  16. Ashik

    Dear sir/madam
    have a nice day how are you I hope you are fine ,
    I am fine but little problem my driving licence .I got my Emirates driving licence has been 2011 but now is damage so how can get my licence in Ajman


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