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Useful Tips to Pass Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Tips to Pass road test in Dubai

Tips to road test

Tips to pass driving test in United Arab Emirates are significant because passing the final road test in Dubai or any other emirate of UAE is not an easy task to be performed. Having Driving license in UAE is very important in many aspects but taking driving license here is not easy at all. You have to go through lot of money expenditure, lot of mental stress and huge amount of time to get one. I have received many emails regarding the tips that work for passing driving test. Lucky people get their license on their first attempt while the un lucky people are not getting it even more than dozen attempts. I also met with a guy from India, who took his driving license on seventeenth attempt. I was surprisingly shocked and could imagine his pain from which he passed through out his driving license journey and at the same time I was experiencing his happiness when finally got it.

Some people say that RTA examiners are failing people purposely to increase their revenue but I am totally against this theory. This is absolutely wrong and unrealistic. RTA examiners are well trained and professional and they have hawk eye’s observation and response towards your mistakes on the road. Some people say that it depends on their mood as well , if they are happy on the day, they will pass you and if their mood is not good, no matter how good you drove , they will fail you. This is another unrealistic rumor and I am again turning it down. As I said they are professional in their duties so their mood cannot affect their results. The reality is, when they realize that you can drive, they pass you.  Beside from checking your road drive, they observe your confidence level, you body language and your approaches towards different perceptions. All these make them able to decide about your driving license success or failure.

Below you will find some Basic tips, which will help you out on your final road test.

  • Be in proper dress on your final road test. Always give a good and professional impression to the examiner.
  • Don’t ask questions from the examiner, when you are on your final test, just follow his directions and concentrate on your driving.
  • Adjust your seat, mirrors and fasten your seat belt, before moving the car.
  • Don’t forget to direct others people sitting in the rear seat, to fasten their seat belt.
  • Don’t forget Blind spot check while entering the road or at any other point when it is necessary.
  • Keep checking the center mirror, side mirrors regularly.
  • While changing lane always check, center mirror then side mirror and a blind spot check and indicator.
  • Always follow the two seconds rule for maintaining safe distance.
  • Learn all the rules of roundabout and u turns.

There were the few basic rules, which are important and everyone must know while going on their final road test. Beside from all these if your confidence level is low you will not the final test. Due to lack on confidence you will make mistakes resulting in the failure of your test. If you want detailed and the most accurate tips with almost hundred percent success rate then there is a small guide available which will help you in passing your test on your first attempt or if you have already failed it then you can easily pass by following the instructions in that guide. It will also give you the required confidence, and you will perform like a pro in your driving license final road test. If you are interested then you may visit or download that guide from Here

Thanking you and wishing you success in your journey.