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RTA Theory Test Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Complete Guideline and Questions:

What is RTA Theory Test?

In Dubai or in any emirates of United Arab Emirates , Whenever you open file for getting Dubai Driving License , then you go through a set of steps , from opening file to passing final road test.

Appearing and passing your Driving license Theory Test is one of the step among all steps involved in getting your driving license.  When you open file, The first step you face after Vision test ( Eye test)  is   that you have to attend the lectures of driving theory. RTA authorities give you these lectures explaining all the theory involved. This theory mostly focuses on Road Safety, Hazard perception, Road signs and Traffic Signals.

These lectures also include different scenarios which explain priority rules on the road.When you attend the lectures then you have to book a test and appear in that computer based test where you knowledge about the above mentioned theory lectures is tested.

This test is called RTA Theory Test or Dubai Driving license theory test.  This is totally computer based test and you are offered multiple choice questions, from which you have to select the best possible answer.

Centers for RTA Theory Test:

The centers for this theory test are normally the driving school in which you have opened your file. Every school in Dubai had RTA center inside which are offering and facilitation you in these services.

Normally in Dubai the this test is conducted in

  1. Emirates Driving School
  2. Galadari Driving Institute
  3. Belhasa driving center
  4. Emirates Transport driving institute
  5. Dubai Driving Center

If you have opened driving file in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman or Fujairah then you will appear in this test in your respective emirate.

Let me make it clear again that passing this test is compulsory part of getting driving license and it is from Road transport authorities, which is a federal (Abu Dhabi) department means that this test is compulsory all over UAE.

RTA Driving Manual:

Now you opened your file and reached to take lectures  at your respective center now At the lecture time you are provided with a Manual book which is calling RTA Driving Manual. All your lectures are based on this small book which explains the driving process in details. Inside the book you will find different chapters regarding Road Safety, Traffic Signs, Best Practices and General rules of traffic of the United Arab Emirates.

This book is your passing key as your knowledge is tested in the Dubai Driving Theory Test against this RTA Manual. So besides from the lectures this manual is very important and must be read and learnt to pass the test.

At opening file time you can select the preferred language for your lectures and this manual. Normally this book is available in different languages which are listed below.

  1. Arabic
  2. English
  3. Urdu
  4. Hindi

I personally prefer the English language but you can choose it according to your ease and knowledge of the language.

What if I don’t read RTA Manual of Driving License?

This is very important question, lot of people skip the reading of RTA manual book and just rely on their general knowledge and the knowledge which they got from the lectures. I want to make it clear that, reading this book is important and you cannot get good results in test without going through this book several times.

Just like any school or college exam, where you are given text books, and after that lectures are given based on these books. A person cannot pass this subject exam just relying on the lecture and not touching his text book or revising the lectures several times.

If you are good enough to note everything of the lecture at RTA class room and later on just revise those lectures then you are fine but I think it is not possible to write down all the details while focusing on the lectures so in this case the RTA manual helps you out in passing your exam.

Consider this RTA Manual as your text book for driving license.

What if I skip the lectures of RTA Theory Test?

If you skip the lecture of theory test and just rely on RTA manual then you may get knowledge from this book but with lot of difficulties.

Lectures Room

In fact the lectures help you out to understand this manual and later on while revising the book you will not stuck at difficult points. You can easily go through the book in just under two hours which will store lot of information in your brain which you can only realize at your test time.

These lectures are delivered in a great way and we must appreciate RTA for having such good and trained instructors, who deliver these lectures in very professional and efficient way. They know their students and their education level and deliver the lecture best suited to them

So the answer is lectures are as much important as RTA manual and you must attend the lectures.

Importance of RTA Theory Test:

 At the time of your driving license journey you will not feel any importance of this test but later on you will realize the importance.

Importance of RTA Theory Lectures

This is in fact theoretical testing of your knowledge which you later on practice on the road. It is like making a base for any building. It is absolutely true that practices make the man perfect but for practice you must need something to practice and here is when RTA Test play its role. It gives you an idea that what you are going to face on road and how you have to deal with it.

Later on you can improve your skills with best practices but at start this theory knowledge is very essential.

You are taking a driving license and soon will be on the road flooded with heavy traffic. UAE is a fast driving place with heavy load of traffic. A small mistake on the road can endanger your life along with life of others. So keeping in mind all these points focus well on your driving theory test and do not consider it irrelevant or unimportant.

It is totally Computer Based :

               Yes you read it correctly, this test is totally computer based now. In all emirates of UAE you will sit in front of computer to give this test. Before it was like a traditional paper based test but now with passage of time RTA updated their procedure and made this test according to international standards.

In modern age of communication, computer based test are really easy for testing someone’s knowledge and evaluating the result quickly. One other advantage of computer based test is, the result is always fair and you can’t complain about the personal moods involved of the checker.

The result is automatically generated and delivered to you at the same time when you finish the test.

Remember the result is provided at counter and not on the computer.

What Computer operating knowledge I must have to give the test?

This is another important question arises in the mind of people before going to RTA Theory Test.

The simple answer is , you are not required to be master in computer operating skills. You just need to know the use of mouse or touch screen for selecting the options and clicking the next button and if you are not capable of doing even this, then don’t worry the staff at test time can even help you in this and can provide you an assistant which will do all this for you or can train you before starting the test.

In normal, 99 percent of the people living in United Arab Emirates, due to the use of laptops and touch screen mobiles can appear in this test and can easily be made able to give the test by just proving few tips about the use of the test application.

I also want to include for your easiness, there are lot of practice test app available on internet which can give you a good idea of the test and can make you confident while attempting the test at RTA Center. You can check one of our practice test app by clicking here and if you can go through this practice app then you can easily attempt it at RTA center.

And the most important thing is if you can read this post then you have the skills to give that computer based skill so don’t worry about it.

Composition of Theory Test:

Normally the theory test is divided into two sections, just to test your knowledge accordingly.

  1. General driving rules
  2. Road signals and traffic signs.

Now RTA has incorporated another section which is called video section in which videos are shown and question is asked.

Before at my test time there were total of 35 questions in the test, divided in two sections. The first section has 17 questions and the 2nd section consist of 18 questions. You need to give correct answers of 12 and 13 respectively.

Now a days, RTA Test is consist of 40 to 45 questions but the structure of question and its division is same as before.

Are the questions difficult?

If you are not prepared for the test then yes questions are really difficult but if you have followed the proper approach and have attended the lectures and studied the RTA manual then you for you the questions can be not difficult at all.

Just like every other exam, your preparation of the test is important if you are well prepared you can get success. There may be some unfortunate cases where a well prepared person can fail the test.

Very Important point to be noted:

Yes, this point is very important, when you sit in front of computer and starts giving the test at start you will find the questions very easy but when you come to the possible answers, you will find them very confusing and will not sure about, which one you select.

This is the main beauty of this test to know your knowledge up to extreme level.  Believe me when you completed your test you will be not sure about the result and once you get the result paper it will clear your mind.

For this purpose we have made a collection of 250+ questions which will help you in understanding and passing the test.

People have reported that 80 percent of the questions are already present in our 250 questions.

Best Approach to Attempt the questions:

Time is important in this test, the best approach is time management, don’t waste time on over thinking on difficult or confusing questions. Just skip them for now and attempt the sure questions first. You can later on come to these questions and think on it, and if you still not getting any clue of the answers then you can randomly select one answer among the presented three options.

The good point is there is no negative marking in this test. So if in few confusing questions if luck favors you then, you can select the correct answer just by chance.

Normally the probability of success among three choices is always 33 percent but do not try to attempt whole test on flutes as it will result in sure fail. Because you need 75 percent marks in each section to be marked as passed.

Online test apps for practicing the test:

Luckily now lot of online apps is available which are very helpful in practicing the RTA theory test. In most of these apps the questions are very simple but at least it gives you the idea of the test. So do not miss this practice and try to practice online which will add up confidence in you.

We have searched different app and find our app the best one as it has the questions which are very similar to real RTA Theory test.

RTA Theory test videos (Newly Added):

  This section is added in 2018 in which 5 videos are added to test and later on questions are asked related to these video or a particular video. If you understand priority rules and Hazard perception then you can pass this section but lot of observation is required.

Normally the purpose of these videos are to give you an idea of situation which will you face regularly on the roads of Dubai. Before, this section was covered with still images and asking some questions according to these images but now it has been changed to videos.

What if I failed the theory Test?

 This is very unfortunate but it is happening, normally 33 percent of the people are failing the test and the reason behind it, is lack of proper approach and not taking the test serious.  Not taking the test serious means not paying attention to theory lectures or even not studying the RTA Manual.

If you fail this theory test, then you cannot proceed forward and you have to re appear in the test by depositing the test fee. The test fee is AED. 300. In this case, RTA will give you a new date of your choice for the test and the whole procedure will be repeated.

If I passed the test:


Once you pass the test then you will go forward for your road classes. Means the next step will begin which is called practical classes. In these classes the instructor will start from basic and will gradually proceed. All depends on your control and picking up the instructions from the instructor and the most important on your learning ability. We wish you good luck in your Theory Test.

Our Recommendations:

We will highly recommend to do not miss the theory test lectures at RTA centers and reading the book provided by RTA.

Also practice some practice app available on internet to get the idea of the test. You can try our Practice app by clicking Here

Learn all traffic road signs and practice them.

Next recommendation is optional but important, If you want, you can download our 250+ questions which will help you in passing the test. 80 percent of the questions you will find in the RTA Theory Test.

How to deal with Roundabouts in Dubai, Roundabout’s Rules

Roundabouts in Dubai are meant for controlling heavy traffic in a square and intersections. These roundabouts are helpful in terms of smooth flow of traffic but also sometime difficult for the drivers to approach correctly.  If a person is at driving test, it means he does not have that much practice in dealing with roundabouts so the chances of making mistakes are high. No matter if you are driving with learning permit to obtain driving license or you already have it, you must know the basic rules of roundabout to make your drive smooth and safe. The theory of roundabout is not that much difficult. It revolves around the pre defined rules. Learn them and act on them.

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In general, roundabouts are two or three tracked but you can find more track as well. I feel it important to give some information about “How to drive at Roundabout” as I did not find detailed and easy information on this topic on internet. Whether you are driving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah or any other emirate of U.A.E, the rules of roundabout are  same.

roundabout rules in Dubai

Now I will come to the topic, it is advised that always reduce your speed while approaching to roundabout. The safe speed limit is between 20 to 40 km/Hr depending on the load and rush of traffic. In such speed you can have a good control over your car andcan overcome any situation.

Give Way Rules:

If you are entering roundabout, then you must stop at white line and observe the traffic inside. You must give way to the vehicles in the round about. The vehicle from your left side has the priority so give way to them and only enter when you consider it safe. Don’t rush to enter, wait until you find enough gap and time. Always enter in to the appropriate lane.

Right Side Turn:

If you are turning right from the roundabout you will use the outermost lane. Always try to keep the right lane when you see the roundabout sign board. Give indicator towards right, stop at line, observe the traffic then enter in the outermost lane and exit in right lane. It is important; if you are taking immediate right then you must complete it by exiting in the right most track.

Going Straight:

If you want to go straight from roundabout then, if the roundabout is of two track then you will use the outermost track for this purpose and if the roundabout is of more than two tracks, then you can use the outer most track and the 2nd track or middle track.

Always try to enter from the right or middle track to the outermost or middle track of roundabout for going straight. Don’t give indicator while entering the roundabout. This is a rule which tell the people that you will go straight and not taking immediate right. When you cross the first exit then give indicator towards right and exit in the appropriate track.

Taking Left from Roundabout:

If you want to take left from roundabout then you can take it by entering into the inner most track of the roundabout. Before approaching to roundabout keep the leftlane and when reach near roundabout give indicator towards left. This will let people know that either you are taking u-turn or left. Entering procedure is the same, enter when you get enough gap and time to adjust into. When you cross the last exit before your desired one then give indicator towards right. Before exiting always check blind spots and exit in the left lane of the road.


Taking U-Turn:

If you want to take u-turn from roundabout then the process is almost same as it was in taking left. Use the inner most track of roundabout with proper indicator towards left and blind spot check and then exiting in the appropriate track. At exit time you must change your indicator from left to right to let others know that now you want to exit.

Signaling at roundabout:

Always take care of proper signals at roundabout. Proper indication will let other know about your desired activity. The signaling rule is

  1. If you are taking immediate right, then when entering roundabout always give right side indicator.
  2. If you are going straight, do not give any indicator at entrance when cross the first exit then indicate towards right.
  3. If you are taking left or u-turn then before entering to roundabout give left indicator and at before exit change it to right .

Blind spot checks:

Blind spot checking is really important in roundabout. At your exit time always check blind spots. Always maintain safe distance in your lane and from the vehicles in other lane as well. It will help you at exit time. Don’t go parallel with big trucks or containers in roundabout. As they are long enough in length and may touch other lanes and can cause problem for you.

This all was brief introduction towards roundabout rules in U.A.E. It is highly recommended to take practice these rule and drive with care at roundabouts and high ways.

Importance of Driving License in UAE

Driving license in UAE is very important in many reasons. If you are living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and don’t have driving license yet, then definitely you are missing too much glories of U.A.E.  It is really painful to travel in buses and taxis here. Buses are too hard to travel in and taxis are too expensive. If you are working on a good designation then you must have a valid driving license.  I will try to highlight its importance in different parts of life.

Professional Life:

Driving license help us to perform better in our professional life. It reduces too much of time wastage to reach our clients or to attend our meetings on time. Time is money and we all know wasting time means wasting opportunities. All the companies when hiring, prefer the people with driving license. Some companies make it compulsory for their job that a person must have a valid UAE driving license. There are big investors in the country and they do not hesitate to give cars to their employees as a transport facility rather than giving them the pick and drop.

In Job Search:

Driving license plays important role in job search in UAE. You can easily target jobs in different emirates and can reach them for interview or further assessment tests. As discussed above that they usually prefer professionals with driving license so you already got an advantage on others, competing for the same job position.

Personal life:

If you are living with your family and lack the facility of driving then you cannot enjoy life here. At weekends you must go out with your family and spend sometime outside to refresh yourself and your family. You can’t travel in buses with your wife and children as it will be like a head ache to manage. Traveling in taxis is out of reach in terms of expense. You may use taxi traveling inside Dubai or inside the same emirates in which you are living but if plan to spend your weekend out side your emirate or plan to go to Fujairah or Abu Dhabi from Dubai or Sharjah then taxi will charge you too much.


It gives you easiness in your life if you have a car and authorize to drive it. In short i will say if you have this facility the whole UAE is in your access. You can travel to all the seven emirates of the UAE easily in just 24 hours span. You can enjoy with your friends , family and can go out on a long drive or camping on weekend.

As compared to other countries, the fuel is not that much expensive in UAE and person can afford it easily. The car prices are not that much high. Even under 6000 A.E.D you can have a good car here, although the model will be old but will be good enough to full fill your requirements. But you need a driving license to drive this car. No matter how much experienced driver you are, but the license is the official requirement to drive in this country. I have seen some manual transmission cars being sold for 2000 AED which is almost half of the expense made on obtaining the driving license in UAE (If you get it on first attempt).

Therefore if you did not apply for your driving license yet then don’t wait and take it now,to enjoy your personal and business life up to fullest in the UAE.


Parking Tips To pass driving test in United Arab Emirates

Parking is an important subject in driving world.  If you are already a driver or you are the one who applied for driving license in Dubai or UAE or anywhere in the world and facing problems in understanding parking theory or unable to perform it practically then you are at right place. Here I will explain the theoparking tips imagery of parking and will also give some useful tips of performing it on actual grounds.  As I am familiar with Dubai and lived here for almost 10 years, I know how much it is difficult for a new driver or a learner to Park the vehicle correctly without breaking any RTA rule and off course without hitting any other vehicle. I know, at the driving schools in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any other emirate , they are paying good attention to provide proper training and education on “how to park the car” but you will also admit that , people are sometime not paying that much attention to learn it. When it comes the time of their Parking test then they become worried and start searching tips on parking the  vehicle  or “Tips to Pass Parking Test in Dubai” on internet.Dubai driving test Parking

There are three types of parking in terms of passing the driving test.

  • Angle Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • 90 Degree reverse Parking


Angle Parking:

It is the easiest of all the parking. In most of public places you will find angle parking in which you have to park the car in 45 degree angle.  In UAE, car park space is separated by two lines and you are bound to park inside these two lines to avoid any fine or penalty. This space is large enough that a big station jeep can be placed easily.

What the driving examiner will be looking for if I am asked for an angle parking? This is now an important question and you must know these points and keep focus on these to pass your driving angle parking test.

  • He will look if you parked your car in the centre of the allotted space.
  • Did you maintained enough and safe distance from the vehicles present at left and right side of your car.
  • He will also check that your car is in forty five degree as compare to the road or divider or curb or kerb.
  • You must complete the process without taking any reverse in it which means you must park your car in a single straight attempt.

Parallel Parking:

Parallel parking is normally performed parallel to the road in reverse method. You will be allotted a space to park in between two cars or vehicles. This is the difficult type of parking and requires control skills and accurate techniques. If you don’t know the theory of parallel parking you cannot perform it correctly. This parking is performed in two steps. First reverse and then after fitting the allotted space a forward gear to position your car in the centre of the allotted space. If you are at your Parking test in Dubai or UAE, then it is mandatory to perform parallel parking test. If you want the exact techniques of parallel parking to perform it correctly and pass your parking test easily then this tutorial will be helpful to you.

90 Degree Reverse Parking:

This is relatively more difficult parking and mandatory to perform correctly in terms of to pass your driving parking test. You have to park your car in the allotted space between two cars in reverse in 90 degree to the road. It is three step parking process and requires much attention and focus to do it correctly. The examiner will check your complete process of attempting to park in 90 degree and after parking your car, he will check the

  • Distance from side vehicles
  • Position of the car as if it is exactly at 90 degree to road
  • Distance of your car from the boundary and from the road


Some Important Information on topic:

As far as the driving license tests are concerned whether it is final road test of initial parking test, only parking the car in allotted space will not justify. The examiners are checking with their checklist and noting each and every minor mistake which your perform during this process. Therefore it necessary that you perform it correctly and in the same way for in which they expect from you. During your throughout driving license classes they teach you each and every step of the process and the same they want you to perform practically on your each and every test of the driving license journey.

In general life you can easily park your car by two or three reverse attempts and adjustments, but in the test the case is different. You must accomplish the task in the specified steps. In short I will say “They don’t only check the final result but they check the carrying out process which leads the final result”.

They monitor your approach towards each step, they observe you silently that whether you are checking the mirrors, proper indications, staring movement, blind spot checks etc. So you must be ready for all the above mentioned points.

Importance of Parking Theory:

No matter how good driver you are, if you don’t know the theory of parking you can’t pass the parking test. The examiners have reasons to fail you if you ignore any step in the process.  The theory of parking is the result of continuous research and by following the theory you can perform ten times better.

As far as the driving test is concerned, this one reason will make you understand and satisfy that “The theory is important as examiners want you to perform according to the theory”.

Recommended tutorial:

If you know all the theory and can perform better at test then no need to go for any tutorial but if you are among the people who are searching for any “good parking tutorial” to pass driving test or parking test then I will recommend a tutorial which will cover all the aspects of parking and will teach you in easy way. This tutorial has everything, required for passing the final or parking test  or to just improve your skills. It will also give help in your daily life.

This is an audio video tutorial along with images and theory, If you want to download it to your pc or mobile then click here to go to its download page.

The Tutorial is in final touches and will be uploaded soon.




Common Mistakes People Make at Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and U.A.E

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other emirate of U.A.E failing a driving license test is the most common problem faced by hundreds of people on daily basis. There are some common mistakes which are responsible for their failure in the driving test. The Biggest problem is that Ninety percent of the people don’t know their mistakes and they go for the test and fail it again. Why I need to write on the topic of “Common Mistakes at driving Test”?  A simple answer is to educate the people to understand it better which will definitely help them in getting success at their next attempt.  Once a person fails the test, he has given a form, which contained the mistakes he made at the test. I will also blame the driving instructors, as sometime they do not go according to the paper to make the person able to overcome his mistakes. The instructors normally go for their driving practice classes and do not pay proper attention to the specified weakness of the person. If you are among the one who has already failed his test then it should be your duty to tell your instructor to work on you for the mistakes you made at your previous road test.common driving mistakes

Common Mistakes People Doing In Their Final Road Test

Now I will come to the exact topic of the common mistakes people do in Dubai or U.A.E for failing their road test.  There is lot of factors involved. A person can leave a fail impact on the examiner straight away at the start of his test if he does not start with confidence and missed any of the pre requisite of starting a test. The most common mistakes are categorized as follows.

Pre Driving Mistakes

 This is the category where a candidate leaves a failing impression on the examiner right at start if not taken care. Although majority of pre driving mistakes come in category of miner but the impression counts. We all know that giving a negative impression at start will take lot of time to become positive in the other person mind. Forgetting to fasten seat belt, hand brake and changing gear to start etc comes in this category.


Signaling is most important factor in driving test and is observed watch fully by the examiner.  In Dubai driving test, I have seen that some people totally forget to give signal while entering road or taking off the car from parking or even when changing lane. Doing it once or twice is considered a minor mistake but if you do it continuously,  you can fail your test due to this only reason as well. Not signaling at all, not signaling at proper time, Sometime not signaling are the types of mistakes which the examiner will mark. This is the most common mistake and almost every newdriver commits it in different manners on his / her road test


Reversing is somehow a difficult part of test and even of driving. You must be too much cautious while reversing.  The examiners are strict on determining the reversing ability of driver as they know its significance. In reversing the common mistakes are, not looking all around, not checking mirrors, wrong signaling, Lack of control, wrong judgment and not following the basic theory of reversing

Blind Spot Checks:

In Dubai if you missed a blind spot check you failed the test, Blindspot checking is Blind Spot checksimportant as we can’t see some of the vehicles which are really near to our car or vehicle.There is certain range of our vehicle mirrors. Blind spot check is also called shoulder check in a direct term. Lot of people fail their test just due to not checking the blind spots while changing lane, entering road, leaving road or exiting from roundabout etc. Missing a blind spot check comes in major category of mistake or a critical mistake and is considered immediate fail mistake.

Not Following road marking

Not following road marking is another category of common mistakes. Road marking are to ensure road safety and are monitored strictly at your exam. Not following road marking come in immediate fail category of mistakes and must be taken seriously. Majority of people do not stop at stop line on road or stop very close or far away from line. People do not understand the dotted line on road and do not slow down on it. Some time people cross the yellow line.

Not Checking Mirrors

Not checking mirrors is the most common and top mistake which is repeated by huge number of people at their test time.  For the road safety, checking mirrors at every move or whenever you perform any action on road is very important. Not checking mirrors once or twice is a minor mistake but not checking at all can be the cause of your driving test failure. Not checking mirrors at all, forget to check mirror while changing lane, changing speed, before applying brake, entering road, leaving road are the common sub divisions of this category. Even if you are driving straight, you must check the side mirrors and back mirrors on regular interval if you missed so you will be marked with minor mistakes may be one, two or three depends on the examiner.


Lack of Control

If you are marked with lack of control it means you failed the test. Total lack of driving control or lack of control at roundabouts, reversing, while taking turn are the common points in this category. You are marked fail as they consider your control on the car is not that much and proceeding with your test can cause any dangerous situation.

Wrong Positioning

Positioning of your vehicle on road is important, not following proper position in your lane, driving too much towards left in the lane, or too much towards right are the sub divisions. Position at roundabout is also important, exiting in wrong lane from roundabout also counted in positioning category.

Mistakes at Junctions:

People make lot of mistakes at junctions. Improper position at junction, approach too fast, approach too slow are the common mistakes found in this category.

The above information provided was about the mistakes people do at time of their driving test in U.A.E. Hope you found it useful. Keep checking this website for any query and information related driving license in Gulf or U.A.E.

I always wish good luck to all of you in your driving license journey.  If you want to read about the tips to pass your driving license test on first attempt then Read my other post of Tips to Pass Driving License Test in Dubai.

Leave Your Reply if you found this post helpful, We appreciate your feedback as it let us able to make improvement in the quality.



Galadari Driving School, Theory / Signal Test

Galadari Theory Test Dubai

Theory Test

Theory or Signal Test at Galadari driving school, Dubai is a computer based test, taken from all the applicant who are in the process of getting driving license. I will not hesitate to say that Galadari is one of the leading school of driving in Dubai.I know that  It is not important to mention, but don’t know why I am mentioning it that Galadari is the school from where I have taken my driving license training and passed my all exams in first attempt if it is theory or signal test or parking , assessment or final road test.. I scored Hundred percent in my theory test there. It does not mean in anyway, that I am recommending Galadari school or I am promoting it. I am just giving my personal experience with them. All the driving schools in Dubai are good and up to the standards set by Road Transport Authority U.A.E. They all provide quality education and are monitored by RTA very strongly and strictly.

Galadari Driving School Dubai

Theory Test at Galadari Driving School:

As this post is totally dedicated to Theory test or signal test, taken by RTA at the premises of Galadari driving school, therefore I want to stay focused on the concerned topic. In the driving school there is a well equipped computer lab for the test purpose. Candidate must enroll and register himself or herself for the test after taking theory lectures. This is not a free test as you know nothing is free in Dubai and failing this test will cause you to reregister yourself for the test by paying the specified fee again. mobiles are any other stuff is not allowed to be taken inside in the computer lab at your test time. You will deposit all your belongings into a locker provided by the school administration. Don’t worry, you will not lose anything as the key of that locker will be with you and after giving the test you can open the locker and take back all your belongings. This test is a multiple choice questions test and taken on computer. It does not required one to be expert in computer. It just needs very basic knowledge of just using mouse and clicking any button.

Is RTA Theory Test A Tough Test:

I will not say it a tough test but i will not say it either an easy test. In my perspective all tests are tough when you are not prepared for it and similarly if you are prepared for a test it can’t be tough for you. Sometime you will face complex type of questions in this test which will require you deep attention to select appropriate answer. I still remember a day when I was there in Galadari School with one of my friend, who had theory test. He came out with a paper in his hand and straight a way saying that I answered every thing correctly but they failed me. I was surprised, they how it can be, and asked him to tell me about the questions in the test. He hardly remembered two or three questions. I realized quickly that if he can’t remember the questions of the test then how could he remember the whole RTA guide for the theory test. The extract what i said above is, “They don’t fail you, if you answer them correctly”.

How to do Proper Preparation for Theory Test:

If you are taking your classes from Galadari driving school and you are at your theory test stage then be relax and study the guide, traffic signal card  provided from the school side. Theory classes are very essential don’t miss them. If you missed the theory classes you are having fifty percent chance to pass the test. If you are among the ones who are searching for the questions of Galadari driving school theory test then go to the end section ofthis post from where you can download all the questions and prepare yourself for the test. But I will recommend to read this full post. It will be helpful for you.

Is good score in the theory test important:

No, It is not important as you just need to pass the test to go to the next step, but if you think out of a box then “Yes” it is important to score good in this theory test. Good score means you know all the theory of driving very well, and as by having all the knowledge of road marking and signals you can perform good in the road training and road test. Secondly, if you pass the test with above ninety percent marks it will give you a great confidence which you cannot imagine right now. This boost in confidence will help you a lot in your coming tests whether it is a parking, assessment or final road test. Everyone wishes to get his driving license on first attempt and this my research that people scoring good in theory test always get their license in the first or second attempt.

Failing the test:

If you failed the test, your confidence level will fall down dramatically. you lost your time and money as you will pay again for the test. Taking driving license in Dubai or any other emirates is some how a nerve’s game. you need to be strong mentally and your confidence level should be up to the standards.

Get result immediately:

After you give your test, you will get the result immediately, within ten to fifteen minutes. I remember my time when i gave the test and was at the counter to receive my result. I was nervous although i knew that I have passed the test but still there were some fear in my mind that what if i failed, how much i scored ? and so on. When i got my result paper, it was of real excitement for me, that i had scored hundred percent in the test and made no mistake in the test. As i said earlier this gave me a great boost in confidence.

Languages of the test:

This test is taken in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and different other languages. my preference is always the English language as i feel it is easy to understand and answer in English, But it is up to you, you may select Urdu, Arabic or Hindi or any other available language. You may take a translator at test time which will just translate the questions and available options to you to your native language. RTA is doing their best to facilitate you.

From Where I can Get the Questions of this Theory Test? :

If you are interested and still want to get complete possible questions of the test then you may download  it from the this link.  I have checked these questions myself and found it most accurate and working.

I think I have provided the necessary information about the theory test whether it is at Galadari or any other driving school. hope this information will be helpful for you. For Useful tips to pass your driving license road test you can read my other post

How to Get Discount in Driving Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  

Discount in driving license classes fees is always welcomed by the customers. As in Dubai , Abu Dhabi or in the whole of United Arab Emirates the driving license fee is high and process is very tough. Normally if you want to take license , you have to take forty learning classes but if you are already having your home country’s license and it is older then three years, then you have to take only twenty classes before you appear in the road test.

If someone is eligible for twenty classes and passes his final road test on first attempt, the total cost on his driving license will be in between Three thoursand three hundreds  to  Three Thousand Five Hundreds AED, The cost varies due to different structures on fee of different driving schools.  A person with total forty classes and with first attempt success , the cost will come between forty five to forty seven hundreds AED. Every failed attempt is increasing your driving license cost by Eight Hundreds AED approximately.

Now the point of concern is that the cost is already too much high and even by failing the test it increases substantially therefore no one will like to fail the test and the fear of failing the test put the person in more pressure resulting in more mistakes in their final road test. I have also find a good working guide which will help you passing your road test on first attempt. If you are interested then Click here to access that guide.

Another question is , can we get any discount in the driving license classes or whole process? The answer is yes, there is always some ways of discount and people are getting these discounts. In many driving schools such discounts are available, varying from forty five percent to fifty five percent. You can find discount coupon and different offers time to time on driving license classes , which can reduce your driving license cost upto Seven to Twelve hundreds  AED.

You can search online for the terms “Belhasa Driving classes discount” or “Galadari Driving Classes discount” and so on for Emirates driving school discounts, You will always get some deals and good results, you can also find coupon but most of the time the coupons are for limited time and their time validity had been expired.

But if there is ways of discounts and in other words you can say that  it is possible to cut off your license fees then why to pay more amount? So be saving guy and always try to take discounts.

I have also written a good guide on how to get your driving license on minimal charges and efficiently.  This guide explains some resources from where you can get up to fifty percent discount so will be useful for you. I have also explained the driving  process steps and the ways of cutting off the extra money on your driving license, and remember there are few possible ways in each and every driving schools where you can get 20 to 25 percent discount on your driving classes. All these ways are well explained in my short book ,  just to tell you that there are twenty five useful ways through which you can minimize your driving license cost. Click Here to access that guide if you are interested in “How to minimize my Driving license cost”.



How to Renew Driving license In Dubai, Complete Process

Dubai driving license renewal is an easy and simple process. As we all know, Dubai driving license is valid for ten years, then required to be renewed. If your license is expired or near to expire then you may find this post useful. I checked this topic online and found that  information is scattered in chunks and needs to be re-arranged to present it in a combined form. If you feel any shortage or miss information then you can correct me by giving your feedback in the comments. Now i will come straight to my topic “The Process of driving license renewal in Dubai”.

Required documents:

The renewal is not a big deal in Dubai , you just require to have the following documents in your hand.

  1. Certificate for your eye’s test. This can be obtained after testing your eye sight at recognized and authorized opticians.
  2. Emirates ID or Photocopy of passport with valid residence visa stamped.
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Old License (Expired License)

Places to renew your driving license:

You can renew your driving license from the following places.

  1. RTA’s Main Building Dubai
  2. RTA sub offices
  3. RTA counters in different Malls in Dubai
  4. Yateem Opticians Dubai
  5. Barakat Opticians
  6. Al-Magharabi Opticians
  7. Grand Opticians

Process of Renewal:

The process is very much simple. Obtain your eye test result and go in personal to any of the offices or counters mentioned above with required documents in hand. They will check the documents and will tell you to pay the renewal fee if you don’t have any fine on your license. if you have traffic fines then you will be asked to pay the fee and all the fines. So be sure that your traffic file number is cleared from all the fines. After depositing the fee, within Thirty minutes to one hour, you will get your new driving license.

If you want to renew your license through one of the authorized optician, mentioned above, then you must visit them personally with all required documents except eye test’s result as they will perform your eye sight test at their center and will send your test report directly to RTA office using online system. All the process is carried out in your presence and you will receive a temporary license valid for  few days in your email or you can also obtain  its print out from the optician’s store. After completing the process in optician center you will receive your driving license within three to four days through courier service on the address you provided at time of renewal. Here the important point to be noted is that you have to pay the fee and fine by using your credit card.

You may apply for online renewal , check

All the above information is for the purpose to help you out in renewing your driving license. if you found it helpful then give your valued feedback through comments.

Thanking You


Driving License File Opening Process In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The procedure of driving license in Dubai is not difficult at all, All the driving schools have very good customer care centers. In Dubai if your want to take driving license, then you must select a driving school to start with. There are five schools in Dubai , which i will discuss later as this post is only concerned with process and procedure of your driving license which is almost same regardless of the school.

The initial step which you have to take is to open your personal file in the driving school or you can say it your registration or enrollment in that school, Your original passport is required in this case with valid residence visa stamped on it. you also need to obtain a NOC from your employer stating that they have no objection on your desire to take UAE driving license. This certificate must be on your company’s letter head and properly stamped and signed from the head of your organization. Another important requirement is that of eye’s test (Sight Test). You must qualify that test as it is very important for your safety, this test is carried out inside driving institutes  and they normally charge AED. 100 for this, now let;s come to the process.

  1. Goto any of your desired driving school with the required documents.
  2. Go straight to reception and ask for opening a file, they will check your documents and will give you a token if your documents are complete.
  3. Take the token and wait for your turn, on your turn the concern person will check again your documents and if nothing is falling short, they will ask you to deposit the money and they they will send you for eye test.
  4. After getting your Eye’s sight result you will come back to the counter and they will enroll you.
  5. Now the enrollment process / file’s opening process has finished now you have to apply for theory classes. which you can apply on the same day or some other day.

In most of the driving schools, they take the enrollment free, eye test , theory lecture and theory test fee at the time of opening file, and the fee of road classes you can deposit later after after passing your RTA Theory Test.

This was the basic process involved in opening your driving license file, Keep checking this site for details on each and every issue of Dubai or UAE driving license.

If this post is helpful to you then please let us know your feedback and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.


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Getting Dubai Driving License, The Conversion Process

Anyone living in Dubai or UAE , the most essential thing which will make his life really easy is a driving license.  If you are a visitor or tourist in Dubai and have your home country license which is older than one year , you can drive on Dubai roads. The plus point is that this permission is regardless of your home country. You cannot buy your own car in such period as for buying your own car you need UAE Residence Visa and a valid driving license. In  Visit period you can use Car Rental services to drive. Now I will come to the actual point , once you got residence visa of Dubai , then you cannot drive no matter from which country you are. You must apply and take UAE driving license. Now this thing is dependent on your native country , there are almost 30 lucky countries , if you are citizen of these lucky country then you can exchange your driving license and obtain UAE  license in a matter of hours. You just have to visit Road Transport Authority RTA ,  along with your documents and your country’s valid license. After inspection of your documents and license they will issue you UAE driving license at the same time and that’s it , now you can enjoy your drive on the roads or United Arab Emirates.

You will find that lucky countries list at the end of this post. I also want to bring it in your notice that for the exchange phenomenon , you must be the citizen of that country and have their license. If you are from some other country but have  United States or France ( These countries are in that list) with 10 or even more year experience of driving , you are not eligible for the conversion.  This is a bad news but this is, and rule is always a rule.

The documents , you will need for obtaining driving license are , your original passport with residence visa, Emirates ID , your home country driving license ( In English or Arabic language) and a No Objection Certificate from  your sponsor. If your license is not in English or Arabic  , then you have to translate it from your country and have to attest it from UAE embassy from your country.

Following is the list of countries who are eligible for license conversion policy.

United States, Canada ,  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,  United Kingdom,  Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria.

This post is written for the purpose to provide you to the point information and assist you in taking your driving license. Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.