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Abu Dhabi Theory Test or Signal Test | Questions

Abu Dhabi Theory Test by RTA“Abu Dhabi Theory Test” or “Abu Dhabi Signal Test”  is the test taken, when someone apply for driving license in Abu Dhabi and completes the theory lectures. This test is taken by RTA and the purpose is to check your driving knowledge. Theory test or Signal test in Abu Dhabi is computer based test. Computer based signal test means that you will sit in front of computer and will solve the test. This test is multiple choice questions type test.

Introduction to Abu Dhabi Theory Test:

Currently the test has forty five questions and you must provide correct answer to Thirty Six question to qualify the test. Once you qualify the test  then you can carry on with your driving license journey by taking the road classes, parking test, assessment test and final road test. This theory test is based on the four days theory lectures.

Theory Lectures Before the Test:

Learning Theory Test

In Abu Dhabi, It is mandatory to take theory lectures. These theory lectures covers all the basic and details theory of driving. You will learn all the traffic rules of Abu Dhabi and U.A.E. It covers all the basics of road safety. Traffic signs and road signs are discussed in details. Special and trained instructors give lectures covering each and every aspect of driving. The theory lectures are followed by theory test. These theory lectures are very important as you will learn all the theory of safe driving and second you will be able to pass this theory test in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Computer’s Skills required for Theory Test:

This test is mixture of simple tough and complex questions, some time the question seems Computer Skills For Theory Testto be very simple but the options given as an answer are too much confusing and inter related to each other that people face difficulties to tick the correct one. If you fail the theory test you are bound to take it again by paying the theory test fee, until you pass. In order to pass this test in Abu Dhabi you need to know the basic use of computer as you will deal with computer in it. It does’t require great skill of computer. Only clicking next and previous button and selecting options by using mouse. I have heard lot of complains from the people who have failed the test that the test is really difficult but I do not agree with them. Every test in this world is difficult if you are not prepare for that test and every test is an easy test if you are fully prepared for it.

Language to Prefer in Theory Test:

At theory lectures you will be provided a guide from RTA side, You just need to follow this guide and can pass the test. This guide is well detailed and great resource of information on driving theory. You may take the English, Urdu , Arabic version of that guide and can give the test in your selected language. I will prefer the test in English because it seems easy to me to understand all the terms in English rather than my native language.

Importance of Theory Test:

RTA theory or Signal or Knowledge test in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or any other emirates of U.A.E is now the part of driving license process and has its importance in terms of road safety. I will advise to everyone that learn the basic theory of driving it will always help you. Driving a car, bus or any vehicle on the busy roads of U.A.E is not an easy task and it includes lot of risks, A small mistake can put you in troubles, therefore pay attention to this test. We also know that there are lot of fines for traffic violations in U.A.E and the amount of these fine is sometime very high.By knowing all the traffic rules and following them we can avoid traffic fines as no one wants to give a single penny in terms of fines.

Abu Dhabi Theory Test Complete Questions:

People Here requesting me for the questions of Theory test in Abu Dhabi, If you are also among those then you can click here to download all the questions of this test these questions will help you enough to pass the theory test but I will also recommend to learn the guide provided by RTA as it will help you all over in your life.

Tips to Pass Final Road Test In Abu Dhabi:

If you are among the ones who passed all the steps of driving license and now at your final Tips to pass road test in Abu Dhabistep of road test which is definitely the biggest step and exam in the driving license journey then you are can say yourself lucky for being reading this post. I will recommend this guide to you for passing your road test on your next coming attempt. This guide inspired me a lot and helped me to pass my own road test on first attempt. It is working in all the emirates of U.A.E and Gulf countries.

High Way Classes After Passing Final Road test:

Don’t miss the high way classes after passing your road test. These are very important, I HighWay classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubaihave seen people skipping this step. After paying the fee for high way classes people usually don’t take the classes and take signature from the instructors. I will not recommend it. Go for these classes.A question is  why I am putting high way classes here in Theory test section?  My answer is very much clear that I want to put in your mind from right now, that don’t miss these classes. It will help you a lot and are great source of experience.

Wishing you success. Thanks


Useful Tips to Pass Driving Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Tips to Pass road test in Dubai

Tips to road test

Tips to pass driving test in United Arab Emirates are significant because passing the final road test in Dubai or any other emirate of UAE is not an easy task to be performed. Having Driving license in UAE is very important in many aspects but taking driving license here is not easy at all. You have to go through lot of money expenditure, lot of mental stress and huge amount of time to get one. I have received many emails regarding the tips that work for passing driving test. Lucky people get their license on their first attempt while the un lucky people are not getting it even more than dozen attempts. I also met with a guy from India, who took his driving license on seventeenth attempt. I was surprisingly shocked and could imagine his pain from which he passed through out his driving license journey and at the same time I was experiencing his happiness when finally got it.

Some people say that RTA examiners are failing people purposely to increase their revenue but I am totally against this theory. This is absolutely wrong and unrealistic. RTA examiners are well trained and professional and they have hawk eye’s observation and response towards your mistakes on the road. Some people say that it depends on their mood as well , if they are happy on the day, they will pass you and if their mood is not good, no matter how good you drove , they will fail you. This is another unrealistic rumor and I am again turning it down. As I said they are professional in their duties so their mood cannot affect their results. The reality is, when they realize that you can drive, they pass you.  Beside from checking your road drive, they observe your confidence level, you body language and your approaches towards different perceptions. All these make them able to decide about your driving license success or failure.

Below you will find some Basic tips, which will help you out on your final road test.

  • Be in proper dress on your final road test. Always give a good and professional impression to the examiner.
  • Don’t ask questions from the examiner, when you are on your final test, just follow his directions and concentrate on your driving.
  • Adjust your seat, mirrors and fasten your seat belt, before moving the car.
  • Don’t forget to direct others people sitting in the rear seat, to fasten their seat belt.
  • Don’t forget Blind spot check while entering the road or at any other point when it is necessary.
  • Keep checking the center mirror, side mirrors regularly.
  • While changing lane always check, center mirror then side mirror and a blind spot check and indicator.
  • Always follow the two seconds rule for maintaining safe distance.
  • Learn all the rules of roundabout and u turns.

There were the few basic rules, which are important and everyone must know while going on their final road test. Beside from all these if your confidence level is low you will not the final test. Due to lack on confidence you will make mistakes resulting in the failure of your test. If you want detailed and the most accurate tips with almost hundred percent success rate then there is a small guide available which will help you in passing your test on your first attempt or if you have already failed it then you can easily pass by following the instructions in that guide. It will also give you the required confidence, and you will perform like a pro in your driving license final road test. If you are interested then you may visit or download that guide from Here

Thanking you and wishing you success in your journey.


RTA Theory or Signal Test Dubai | Complete Questions

RTA theory or signal testRTA theory test or  Signal test  in Dubai is taken for the purpose of checking the basic theoretical knowledge of the applicant of driving license. Therefore this test is also called “Drivers Knowledge Test”. This is taken by RTA “Road Transport Authority”. Previously this test was a simple viva like test but for last three years, the authorities in Dubai decided to take this test on computer therefore it is very important for the applicant to know the basic theory of driving which ensures road safety. They even made this test difficult and tougher and  they are well justified in doing so as it gives a complete picture of the applicant that whether he has studied and learnt all the basics of the driving or not. Now I want to come towards the structure of this test. In Dubai this test is taken on computer therefore you must know the basic usage of computer, which will be useful for you, but if you don’t know about usage of  computer? Then you can take helper from RTA who will use computer for you, but he will not participate in the test from his side and you will be the one directing him/her in the selection of answers.

This test is basically multiple choice questions for which three to four choices are given and you will choose the most appropriate or correct answers among them. We can say this test an Easy, difficult as well as a confusing test because you may confuse yourself in selecting the answer. All possible answers are given in such a way that all seem to be the correct. Therefore you must use your brain efficiently and pass this test.

In this test you have to answer thirty questions divided in two sections. You must qualify both sections by obtaining sixty percent or above marks in each. If you failed any section it means you failed the test and will re appear after few days with resutlting in wastage of money and time.You can attempt this test in different languages, language selection is totally on your discrete, and is selected at the time of file opening.

Your driving school will provide a Booklet designed by RTA, If you cover that booklet you can pass this test but it totally depends on your approach of studying that guide. I have seen some well educated people, failing theory test two to three times and the only reason was that they did not pay proper attention to it.

The total duration of this test is thirty five minutes and the result is given immediately after the test. If you pass the test you will progress towards your road classes but if you failed then you must re appear in the test after paying the fee and re registering yourself.

Many people search for the questions of Theory test in Dubai, If you are also among those people then I can help you out in this regard. There is one small book available which is covering hundred plus questions with answers of this test. If you study all these question then you can pass your theory test very easily with more than ninety percent marks. If you want to download all the questions of the RTA knowledge test then Click Here.

We pray for you success in this test, and all others exams coming in your driving license journey.

For Useful tips to pass your final road test on first attempt you may visit

How to Get Discount in Driving Classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  

Discount in driving license classes fees is always welcomed by the customers. As in Dubai , Abu Dhabi or in the whole of United Arab Emirates the driving license fee is high and process is very tough. Normally if you want to take license , you have to take forty learning classes but if you are already having your home country’s license and it is older then three years, then you have to take only twenty classes before you appear in the road test.

If someone is eligible for twenty classes and passes his final road test on first attempt, the total cost on his driving license will be in between Three thoursand three hundreds  to  Three Thousand Five Hundreds AED, The cost varies due to different structures on fee of different driving schools.  A person with total forty classes and with first attempt success , the cost will come between forty five to forty seven hundreds AED. Every failed attempt is increasing your driving license cost by Eight Hundreds AED approximately.

Now the point of concern is that the cost is already too much high and even by failing the test it increases substantially therefore no one will like to fail the test and the fear of failing the test put the person in more pressure resulting in more mistakes in their final road test. I have also find a good working guide which will help you passing your road test on first attempt. If you are interested then Click here to access that guide.

Another question is , can we get any discount in the driving license classes or whole process? The answer is yes, there is always some ways of discount and people are getting these discounts. In many driving schools such discounts are available, varying from forty five percent to fifty five percent. You can find discount coupon and different offers time to time on driving license classes , which can reduce your driving license cost upto Seven to Twelve hundreds  AED.

You can search online for the terms “Belhasa Driving classes discount” or “Galadari Driving Classes discount” and so on for Emirates driving school discounts, You will always get some deals and good results, you can also find coupon but most of the time the coupons are for limited time and their time validity had been expired.

But if there is ways of discounts and in other words you can say that  it is possible to cut off your license fees then why to pay more amount? So be saving guy and always try to take discounts.

I have also written a good guide on how to get your driving license on minimal charges and efficiently.  This guide explains some resources from where you can get up to fifty percent discount so will be useful for you. I have also explained the driving  process steps and the ways of cutting off the extra money on your driving license, and remember there are few possible ways in each and every driving schools where you can get 20 to 25 percent discount on your driving classes. All these ways are well explained in my short book ,  just to tell you that there are twenty five useful ways through which you can minimize your driving license cost. Click Here to access that guide if you are interested in “How to minimize my Driving license cost”.



How to Renew Driving license In Dubai, Complete Process

Dubai driving license renewal is an easy and simple process. As we all know, Dubai driving license is valid for ten years, then required to be renewed. If your license is expired or near to expire then you may find this post useful. I checked this topic online and found that  information is scattered in chunks and needs to be re-arranged to present it in a combined form. If you feel any shortage or miss information then you can correct me by giving your feedback in the comments. Now i will come straight to my topic “The Process of driving license renewal in Dubai”.

Required documents:

The renewal is not a big deal in Dubai , you just require to have the following documents in your hand.

  1. Certificate for your eye’s test. This can be obtained after testing your eye sight at recognized and authorized opticians.
  2. Emirates ID or Photocopy of passport with valid residence visa stamped.
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Old License (Expired License)

Places to renew your driving license:

You can renew your driving license from the following places.

  1. RTA’s Main Building Dubai
  2. RTA sub offices
  3. RTA counters in different Malls in Dubai
  4. Yateem Opticians Dubai
  5. Barakat Opticians
  6. Al-Magharabi Opticians
  7. Grand Opticians

Process of Renewal:

The process is very much simple. Obtain your eye test result and go in personal to any of the offices or counters mentioned above with required documents in hand. They will check the documents and will tell you to pay the renewal fee if you don’t have any fine on your license. if you have traffic fines then you will be asked to pay the fee and all the fines. So be sure that your traffic file number is cleared from all the fines. After depositing the fee, within Thirty minutes to one hour, you will get your new driving license.

If you want to renew your license through one of the authorized optician, mentioned above, then you must visit them personally with all required documents except eye test’s result as they will perform your eye sight test at their center and will send your test report directly to RTA office using online system. All the process is carried out in your presence and you will receive a temporary license valid for  few days in your email or you can also obtain  its print out from the optician’s store. After completing the process in optician center you will receive your driving license within three to four days through courier service on the address you provided at time of renewal. Here the important point to be noted is that you have to pay the fee and fine by using your credit card.

You may apply for online renewal , check

All the above information is for the purpose to help you out in renewing your driving license. if you found it helpful then give your valued feedback through comments.

Thanking You


Driving License File Opening Process In Dubai, Abu Dhabi

The procedure of driving license in Dubai is not difficult at all, All the driving schools have very good customer care centers. In Dubai if your want to take driving license, then you must select a driving school to start with. There are five schools in Dubai , which i will discuss later as this post is only concerned with process and procedure of your driving license which is almost same regardless of the school.

The initial step which you have to take is to open your personal file in the driving school or you can say it your registration or enrollment in that school, Your original passport is required in this case with valid residence visa stamped on it. you also need to obtain a NOC from your employer stating that they have no objection on your desire to take UAE driving license. This certificate must be on your company’s letter head and properly stamped and signed from the head of your organization. Another important requirement is that of eye’s test (Sight Test). You must qualify that test as it is very important for your safety, this test is carried out inside driving institutes  and they normally charge AED. 100 for this, now let;s come to the process.

  1. Goto any of your desired driving school with the required documents.
  2. Go straight to reception and ask for opening a file, they will check your documents and will give you a token if your documents are complete.
  3. Take the token and wait for your turn, on your turn the concern person will check again your documents and if nothing is falling short, they will ask you to deposit the money and they they will send you for eye test.
  4. After getting your Eye’s sight result you will come back to the counter and they will enroll you.
  5. Now the enrollment process / file’s opening process has finished now you have to apply for theory classes. which you can apply on the same day or some other day.

In most of the driving schools, they take the enrollment free, eye test , theory lecture and theory test fee at the time of opening file, and the fee of road classes you can deposit later after after passing your RTA Theory Test.

This was the basic process involved in opening your driving license file, Keep checking this site for details on each and every issue of Dubai or UAE driving license.

If this post is helpful to you then please let us know your feedback and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.


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Getting Dubai Driving License, The Conversion Process

Anyone living in Dubai or UAE , the most essential thing which will make his life really easy is a driving license.  If you are a visitor or tourist in Dubai and have your home country license which is older than one year , you can drive on Dubai roads. The plus point is that this permission is regardless of your home country. You cannot buy your own car in such period as for buying your own car you need UAE Residence Visa and a valid driving license. In  Visit period you can use Car Rental services to drive. Now I will come to the actual point , once you got residence visa of Dubai , then you cannot drive no matter from which country you are. You must apply and take UAE driving license. Now this thing is dependent on your native country , there are almost 30 lucky countries , if you are citizen of these lucky country then you can exchange your driving license and obtain UAE  license in a matter of hours. You just have to visit Road Transport Authority RTA ,  along with your documents and your country’s valid license. After inspection of your documents and license they will issue you UAE driving license at the same time and that’s it , now you can enjoy your drive on the roads or United Arab Emirates.

You will find that lucky countries list at the end of this post. I also want to bring it in your notice that for the exchange phenomenon , you must be the citizen of that country and have their license. If you are from some other country but have  United States or France ( These countries are in that list) with 10 or even more year experience of driving , you are not eligible for the conversion.  This is a bad news but this is, and rule is always a rule.

The documents , you will need for obtaining driving license are , your original passport with residence visa, Emirates ID , your home country driving license ( In English or Arabic language) and a No Objection Certificate from  your sponsor. If your license is not in English or Arabic  , then you have to translate it from your country and have to attest it from UAE embassy from your country.

Following is the list of countries who are eligible for license conversion policy.

United States, Canada ,  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,  United Kingdom,  Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria.

This post is written for the purpose to provide you to the point information and assist you in taking your driving license. Your comments and feedback will be highly appreciated.